Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 76

Air date: 09/14/2002


"I don't wanna sound pushy, but don't you think if we used your horse mode we'd go a lot faster?" Meat asks, bumping along on the back of Checkmate's King form.

"I've reserved equiis for the home streach." Checkmate replies.

"I think next time what we should reserve is a rental car." says Dik dik, running a few paces behind.

"Just Giddiap." Meat replies.

"Hmmmph." Checkmate indignates.

"Aaarggh! My laptop!" Meat says as his laptop plummets to the pavement, shattering into pieces.

"No time to stop!" Checkmate tells him.

"No biggie. I downloaded shots of the Kid scared out of his wits. It's not like I haven't seen that before. Kid auta remember that for his Lantern of Soul to light up, he's gotta stay calm, be tolerant, and really belive in the Power of Friendship. In other words, he needs a complete personality change if he's got any chance of winning this match. Just staring at that lamp ain't gonna help-- If he only had listened to El-Nino, I could be back in bed instead of prancing around on this pony express."

"I beg your pardon?" Checkmate indignantly replies.

"Go Kid! The Muscle Millennium!" Roxanne's blond friend exclaims. Roxanne says, "It's about time you used that attack, Kid! Better late than never!" Roxanne's black haired friend quips, "Maybe I don't have to cancel my hair appointment after all!"

"Get a load of the time. Just a minute short of how long it took King Muscle to defeat Robin Mask in the last Chojin Crown. Go for it, Kid! Beat Kevin and your Dad at the same time! Pay 'em back for that stinky exhibition match!" Wally says, glancing at a stopwatch.

The audience gasps as Kid Muscle rushes towards the ropes in the air, setting up for his Muscle Millennium.

"Have you learned Nada? Why didn't you stick with our plan and wait for my signal!?" El-Nino yells to Kid Muscle.

"I had a better idea. I mean Why delay the obvious? If you've got it, flaunt it. An' this Chojin's got it... and it, we both know, is the Muscle Millennium, the move that hasn't failed me yet." replies Kid Muscle, flashing back on the earlier fights in which his Millennium mashes his opponents.

"All the experts agree, my Muscle Millennium is the Bomb, it can't be beat, not even by Kevin. So why not use it now and end the match? Then I can get my trophy and the two of us can grab some lunch." Kid says as he stretches across the audience's heads.

"Kevin! Now!" Lord Flash tells Kevin Mask, his towel on his head falling, revealing to everyone the large crack in his mask from the Mach Pulverizer has grown. "Kevin. Time to put an end to Kid Muscle once and for all! Time to reverse his Muscle Millennium. You can do it, M'boy!"

"You're Right, Lord Flash! Special Tactic number Zero! Maelstrom Power!" Kevin says as he lights up a bright yellow, with Kid Muscle screaming in fear towards him. "Don't be so sure of yourself, Kid. I've reversed every one of your attacks so far."

"Not this one. Not Muscle Millennium" Kid declares as he accelerates towards Kevin Mask. As he makes a grab for Kevin Mask's arms, Kevin's arms suddenly aren't there. "Hey! What's going on? It's like he disappeared!" Kid wails, as a foot is planted on his forehead, and a hand on his chin. Kevin Mask holds Kid Muscle frozen in the air.

"I tried to warn you, Kid. What do you think I've been doing every day before the beginning of this match? I've been learning how to break your Muscle Millennium. I was bruised, battered, and had a bad bellyache... but I succeeded."

The audience, Roxanne, and Jacqueline are flabbergasted.

"That attack has never been broken" states Jacqueline. "Strange, I should be happy, but I'm not at all. Kevin's... gonna... ~win~."

"Please, tell me that I'm dreaming. That this can't be happening!" Kid Muscle whines.

"Kid, you look radiant, as if you had a glow about you." Kevin taunts. "Well, don't worry. I can fix that." Kevin then twists around to the top of Kid Muscle, stomping down on his exposed six pack and smashing Kid into the canvas. "Feeling any better, Kid? You must've known it was only a matter of time until someone could break your Muscle Millennium. The suspense must have been killing you."

"Oh... Kid Muscle!" El-Nino says as Kid's hand twitches.

"That's it. It's the end of the line for kid. He's flatter than a fritter." Terry says to Roxanne and Wally.

"No, Terry!" Roxanne chides, shocked.

"I have to agree with Terry, Roxanne. Kevin Mask sure was... great." Wally says dreamily to Roxanne.

"Truth is, We should've all seen this coming. Kev's trainin' for sure. It were as tough as puttin' socks on a rooster. That's what helped him get the budge on Kid Muscle." Terry tells the two.

Roxanne pipes up "Kid Muscle trained just as hard as Kevin did! That's right! El-Nino couldn't have worked harder trying to get Kid to compete in this final match... and besides, this match is far from being over. He still has a chance of winning. He's been down before, and has always made a comeback."

Terry shoots back point blank. "Ladies, Get REAL."

"Kid Muscle. Time to throw in the towel, wouldn't you say?" Kevin gloats as Kid Muscle struggles to his feet.

"Oh yea? Back Off! I'm not going to lose to a loser like you!" Kid quips back.

"Sticks and stones, Kid. Your words can't hurt me, and nor can your attacks. Have you forgot that I've broken every one of them, even your 'unbreakable' Muscle Millennium?" Kevin says to Kid, who blanches.

"I hate to say it, but the Kid's got the backend of bad luck. He's got the same chance of winning as a Mouse does of drinkin' milk out of a cat." Terry bemoans.

"Kinda like a Walrus's chances in a catfight?" Wally insinuatingly asks.

"Not at all, Wally! EVERY ONE a' Kid's attacks has been broken by Kevin Mask. His pantry is plum outta puddin'!"

Roxanne and co choruses, "So what now?"

Terry replies "Sho'nuff don't know. Kid's gotta stay calm and listen to El-Nino, and truly belive he can win. An' a new attack wouldn't hurt."

Again Roxanne and her friends chorus. "So... It's Hopeless?"

"You can do it, Kid." Roxanne whispers to herself.

"Tell me now, El-Nino... What's after the Muscle Millennium? What's Next? I have NO MORE ATTACKS!" Kid whines to his corner man as his corner man goes about his normal day-to-day business. "How about you stop feeding those chickens and tell me what to do!"

"NOW you want his advice," Lord Flash sneers. "That's special, but When he told you to wait for the signal before you launched your Muscle Millennium you ignored him completely. You can't have it BOTH ways."

"Y'know, he's right. It's me." Kid Muscle whines to himself. "I should've waited for El-Nino's signal before I went with that attack."

"If it's any consolation, even El-Nino couldn't have guided you to victory." Kevin tells Kid Muscle.

"Kevin's right. Even if you had listened, there was nothing I could've told you to do." El confirms.

"As I said before," Kevin tells to Kid, "it's time for you to throw in the towel."

"You're right. It's time I gave up." Kid Muscle whines.

"Don't You DARE, Kid MUSCLE!" Roxanne rages at the ring.

"Roxanne, I never thought I'd say this," Kid Muscle moans. "ESPECIALLY not to you... but I can't go on."

"You can, and will. This is no longer about just you, Kid. Listen, it's about me, and your friends, and your family, and everyone else who supported you along the way. You've gotta find a way to hang in there!" Roxanne tears up.

Jaeger, Barrier Freeman, Hollywood Bowl, and Ricardo pipe up from the stands and call out their personal encouragement before yelling "Kid Muscle! Get back in there and fight!"

"Is this for real?" Kid Muscle puzzles.

"And HOW! Take a look around!" Wally tells Kid. "They're all here... all the ones you beat."

"Some of 'em are villains, an' some need some flushin', but they're all Chojins, and don't forgetit. That means they want the one that beat 'em to win the Chojin Crown. No Ifs, An's, or Butts. (we the watcher can almost see Msr. Cheeks winking from the audience, though the show doesn't reveal this) You owe it to 'em, Kid." Terry says succinctly.

"We're all here to support you, Kid!" Roxanne pleads. "Don't give up the fight?"

"Oh... Roxanne..." Kid moans.

"Kid Muscle, Don't you dare break that little lady's heart." Terry shouts.

"Don't Give Up! Don't Give Up!" the whole crowd frenzies. "Don't Give Up! Don't Give UP! Don't Give UP!"

"Like I say, Doc, You can't keep a good crowd down!" Mac Metaphor yells. "Yea? Why don't they keep it down? They're giving me a headache." Doc bellyaches.

"Don't pay any attention, Kevin." Lord Flash advises Kevin. "They're just a bunch of hooligans."

"Even if I had their support I wouldn't want it." Kevin replies, distancing himself from the popular opinion.

"That's crowd's right. A Chojin must never surrender." El-Nino says to himself. "Kid MUSCLE! Don't Give UP!"

"I let you down. I promise, El-Nino, and it's a promise I'm not going to break... I'm gonna win." Kid says as his lantern flares with flame. "Too many people have waited too long for this moment to come. Let's do this! Kevin, are you ready? Are you ready... TO LOSE THIS MATCH?"

"At Last! A Kid Muscle with Fire in his Eyes!" Kevin says as the Mark of Ultimate Muscle appears on the Kid's forehead once again. "I've been waiting for a worthy opponent. My victory won't feel so hollow, now."

Kid Muscle begins to charge Kevin with his arm held as if for a clothesline. "Where are you going, Kid? Running late again?" Kevin inquires as Kid Muscle runs past. "I believe you've got the passion to win, but can you pull it off?"

"You're going to find out right NOW!" Kid Muscle responds.

"Really?" Kevin says, his interest piqued. "What's that?"

"A Promise, Kevin Mask, that I intend to Keep!"

"You'll have to do better than that, Kid."

"Don't worry, Kevin. I will!" Kid responds, throwing Kevin high into the air. "Ready? For the Kinnikubuster???"

"Why Even BOTHER? Have you forgotten that I've reversed ALL of your attacks?" Kevin inquires. "I guess my victory will feel hollow after all." Kevin slips out of the hold, planting an eager elbow to Kid's ear, following it with a Spike to the Back in pointed parody of Kid's Muscle Millennium. "Your move may have worked on that Brazilian Nutcase and the Human Toilet Bowl, but not on me it won't."

"I Must... Get.. Up..." Kid Muscle moans.

"How Pathetic." Kevin says.

"Hold... On..." Kid says as he grips Kevin around the waste, tossing Kevin into the air once again. "I made a promise I won't break!"

"You touch me, Kid Muscle... but being touched and being beaten are two totally different things. Surly you personally know the difference? A weak man in passion is still a weak man." Kevin insultingly insinuates. "What's wrong? Has your second wind blown away? I even know what you're thinking, because you've got the mind of a loser." Kevin slips once again out of any attempt of an attack, and wrapping his legs around Kid Muscle's kneck, forcing Kid to the canvas once again. "Give up, Kid. You're no match for me."

"Feel good... to humiliate me like this, Kevin? In front of my friends?" Kid asks Kevin Mask.

"You've humiliated yourself, Kid Muscle; not that I respected you, but you did at times put on a good show." Kevin says, looming over Kid Muscle. "Look at you now. Scared, Weak, with no attack worthy of a Chojin Champion. You're like a shriveled violet without the pleasing aroma."

"you seem so... big." Kid Muscle says as he stares upwards at Kevin's mass.

"And you're small and inconsequential." Kevin quips back.

"Yes, and if I Might I add what's with those lips?" Lord Flash adds unnecessarily.

"The Mark on Kid's forehead!" Roxanne exclaims.

"It's gone like..." Wally starts.

"...the wind." Terry finishes.

"You can do it." states Jacqueline, to the surprise of her brother and father.

"Kevin, the time has come. There is nothing but darkness and dispare for Kid Muscle. Kevin, it's time for the tactic called..." Lord Flash begins, and as he says the final phrase, a gaping red maw identical to the one Warsman has been shown wearing is revealed, as his mask has cracked a lot further. "...THE END."

"Alright. HmmmmmmMaelstrom POWER!" Kevin exclaims as he turns a glowing golden color, then charges Kid Muscle with a dropkick, and as Kid Muscle falls, Kevin grabs Kid's wrists, followed by wrapping his legs across Kid Muscle's midsection. "O.L.A.P Assault!"

Lord Flash's gaping maw grins with sadistic pleasure, and the rest of the audience gapes at Kid Muscle's pain.

"Oh No! This is the end of the line!" Terry exclaims.

"Get Ready, Kid. This is it." Kevin confides in Kid Muscle.

"The looks on Kid Muscle's fan's faces tells it all, folks. Even his trainer El-Nino is horrified. I'm afraid to say these are the last moments of the Chojin Crown tournament, but there... I've said it." Mac Metaphor narrates.

"aaaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaah aaaaaaaahhhhh" Kid Muscle pitifully moans in pain.

Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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