Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 70

Air date: 09/14/2002


Msr. Cheeks tells us that Comrade Turbinski has turned on the gas and now has Kevin pinned with a helicopter.

Kevin is still being tortured by Comrade Turbinski, and Jacqueline loves it, as it's painful and she feels a cool breeze from the blades. Lord Flash mourns deceiving Kevin Mask as Comrade Turbinski grabs up Kevin and suplexes him around and around the five rings, finally throwing him towards the floor... but Kevin Mask's foot tears the mat and keeps him hanging by a toe. "Don't worry, Kevin. Once you drop, your lying trainer will break your fall like he broke your trust." taunts Turbinski. "Is that what you think?" responds Kevin. "Fool, the caliber of trust we have can never be broken." clarifies Lord Flash. Kevin says back, "I may not know Lord Flash like I thought I did, but I still know him enough to consider him my trainer-- my partner." "Kevin Mask, You know not how much I have been yearning to hear you say that." Lord Flash says as he glows with a golden outline, "We Are BACK!" Kevin says "I'm pleased to hear it. After all, we trained as a team, and it's only fitting that we win as one, too." Lord Flash sees Comrade begin charging Kevin and tells Kevin how to avoid his attack-- and Kevin Katana Kicks Comrade Turbinski. "No Fair! He was where I wanted him. He should be Crushed!" Turbinski complains as the crowd goes wild. Meat speculates to Lord Flash's identity and Flash glares at Meat. Kevin then knocks Turbinski over the bottommost rope and gets to the top rope of the top ring... and no one knows where Turbinski went-- and then Comrade Turbinski is spotted on the bottom of the ring, hanging upside down with his Antigravity Fulcrum Thruster. Turbinski snags Kevin from the ropes and puts Kevin in a Reverse Back Crusher... and Kevin clamps on a Big Bear Hug Hurl after reversing the move with the help of Lord Flash. Turbinski again simply floats above the canvas and rights himself. "It's time I end this!" says Turbinski, as he transforms in a large needle-tipped fighter jet. Kevin snickers and tells Turbinski "No pain, no gain." and enlightens Comrade Turbinski that he has gained insight into his big secret weapon. Turbinski dive bombs Kevin Mask, who dodges the needle sharp point on the tip of the plane, then smashes his foot through the underbelly of the plane, ripping a huge gash in it. Turbinski crashes into the mat with a gaping, smoking cavern in his full torso... and the Antigravity Fulcrum Thruster is in plane view spinning. Terry Kenyon explains the functions of the little spinning wheel and how Kevin noticed that Turbinski rights himself by his Torso's position. "You guys figured that out HOW???" asks Kid Muscle. "Easy, Kid. Just nod your head and act like you know what they're talking about. That's what I do." explains Wally Tusket. "It's a shame, Comrade, now that the secrets of your antigravity techniques have been exposed, that this match is back in up in the air." Kevin states as his aura inflames similar to the way Lord Flash's did earlier. "Well done, Kevin! Show him the honor of the Mask Family Name!" advises Lord Flash. Kevin then Gale Force Ring Flings Comrade Turbinski into the ropes and puts him into a 4-arm twist tumbler. "What's Kevin doing? trying to get Comrade Turbinski to lose his lunch?" asks Kid Muscle. "No, his balance. See? Remember how Terry said the antigravity fulcrum thruster was built to navigate ships? Well, if Kevin Mask can disorient it enough, it will probably throw it out of whack, and maybe even disorient it." clarifies Wally. The antigravity fulcrum thruster stops spinning with the Comrade on the canvas, and Kevin Mask grabs and then throws Turbinski hard to the mat for the first time. Meat implores Comrade to give up before he gets hurt, but Comrade Turbinski tries restarting his antigravity fulcrum thruster manually. It starts back, and then Kevin jumps in and is grabbed in a Lumbar Smash. "Come on Kevin! You were able to release the Maelstrom Power once before, now you must do it again!" Lord Flash mutters. "Maelstrom Power? He must mean that glow!" Meat realizes. Turbinski jumps up with Kevin held below him and changes into the Helicopter... and then the Fulcrum Thruster stutters out... and Turbinski starts to crash outside of the ring! "It seems your broken Antigravity device has affect your flying, too. Perhaps I can be of some assistance!" Kevin quips, then jumps and cuts the multiply-sliced ring into a flap and throws it hard over Turbinski, swatting him into the middle of one of the side rings. "you're grounded, Comrade! You should've given up when you had a chance, Comrade." Kevin says as his aura glows again as before. "Now you'll suffer the full force of my power!" Kevin then catapults himself off the bottom ropes, seizing Turbinski and Big Ben Bashing him into the canvas, busting his visor wide open. "What are you waiting for? Finish Him! Kevin, to be known throughout the universe as the best, you must SHOW NO MERCY!" Lord Flash yells. "But he's finished. Just look at him!" Kevin replies. "I... can.. fight." Comrade Turbinski moans. "This is your chance, Kevin, to send a message to your next opponent-- to let Kid Muscle know what will soon be in store for him!" advises Lord Flash. "Not a bad idea." responds Kevin Mask. "Show the Comrade your TRUE MIGHT! Use the Mask Family forbidden hold and... FINISH HIM." commands Lord Flash, pulling his thumb across his neck. Meat thinks to himself, "Uhh.. this sounds bad." Kevin agrees, "So be it." Kevin kicks the Comrade Clear, and Comrade Turbinski remains on his feet, turning his arms into wings and jutting spikes from the back of them. Kevin then jumps on top of Comrade Turbinski's back and grabs the tips of his wings with the Maelstrom power glowing fully and Comrade Turbinski moans in pain. "All-out Assault!" calls Kevin Mask as all watching are amazed at the unknown move. "Break Free, Comrade!" yells a fan of Turbinski. "Poor Fool! If only he knew there was no way to break free from this move... at least, until I break you!" Kevin calls out. "This Cannot Go on!" Meat yells. "Someone's got to do something! Turbinski is Kevin Mask's opponent, but he's not an enemy!" "WRONG, MEAT!" lord Flash sneers back. "ALL OPPONENTS ARE ENEMIES! FINISH HIM, KEVIN!" "Watch, Kid Muscle. This is what I'm going to do to you, next!" Kevin Mask exclaims, pulling his hold stronger as Turbinski moans even louder in even more pain. The Maelstrom power glows brighter, engulfing Kevin Mask, Comrade Turbinski, and the top of the ring-- and Comrade Turbinski's wings part from his body, eliciting final moan of pain from the Comrade; the audience is either dumbfounded, horrified, or, in Jacqueline's case, moaning in pleasure. "Could someone please give me a hand..." Turbinski says as he passes out of consciousness. "eeeeEEEEENUFF ALREADY!" grunts Meat as Jacqueline rings the final bell, officially ending the match. Kevin Mask celebrates by holding aloft Turbinski's wings. We see Turbinski spasm noiselessly on the mat. "Too far! Listen, Lord Flash, I don't know what school of wrestling you came from or even who you are for that matter, but I do know one thing, and that's that you and Kevin Mask went WAAAy overboard for this match." Meat confronts Lord Flash. "That's just it, MEAT!" sneers Lord Flash. "You don't know the school of wrestling I came from, 'cause if you did, you'd know going overboard is the ONLY WAY we were TAUGHT TO WIN! ...and if you think this was bad... just wait until Kevin takes on Kid Muscle!" As the Medics start to ascend the thousand feet, Kevin yells "Just a minute! Since Comrade Turbinski was such a fan of flying, Let us finish the match as we should, and give him one last trip?" "I couldn't agree more, Kevin!" responds Lord Flash. "Any Chojin that lives by avoiding gravity should find his doom by gravity! ...and let this serve as a warning to anyone who thinks Kevin has any self-doubt about winning the Chojin Crown!" Kevin then leaps up into the air, throwing Turbinski's limp body to the ground... The Comrade's body falls silently, tumbling end over end, and all the spectators shield their eyes... when everyone opens their eyes, expecting a gruesome sight, they see Meat cowered below Comrade Turbinski's body. Kevin Mask scoops up Meat, who utters a final "Kid, Meat loves you." before passing out. "Your little pal will recover, even though he tried to save that bucket of bolts" taunts Lord Flash. "Especially if he cared about you, Kid. Now it seems you're out a trainer for the upcoming match. Then again, if he's so stupid to try to save that loser, perhaps its for the best." Kid approaches Kevin Mask with anger in his eyes, but is goaded into presenting a handshake instead of an impromptu fight. At the last second, however, Kid surprises Kevin Mask with an uppercut!



Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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