Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 57

Air date: 09/14/2002


by Max Powerz
This weeks episode starts us off with the face of an eighteen wheel truck. The camera pans down to the back, where we see Kid Muscle, Meat, Jaeger, Brocken Jr., a cloaked man with the # 3 on it and Ricardo. Kid Muscle is in a bad mood on the back of this truck. He is complaining about how they have to settle for this low class ride while other fellow wrestlers are taking first class measures to reach their destinations. A young man and a girl drive beside the truck in their fancy sports car and Mantaro turns around on the truck and proceeds to get in an argument with them. The camera cuts to the sky and we see Vance McMadd (Harabote Muscle) talking with his son Ikemen on an airplane about Ikemens wonderful idea to send Mantaro by truck to the next match. He was going to give the kid a hard time with any and all the little dirty tricks he could think of. Ikemen states it is time for him to go and prepare the ring while his chair moves to the center of this commercial airplane and shoots out from the roof. Still in the chair, the parachute opens up as he descends. A jet with Jacqueline flies by and cuts Ikemens chute.

Meanwhile, Kid muscle finishes up talking to them and the truck driver tells them to get out so he can pick up manure. The Driver hits a lever which flips the back of the truck lifts causing the wrestlers to fall out. Kid said, so thats what that smell was as he rubs his bum from the hard fall but the Brocken Jr. and Jaeger make a comment implying it was him. Once he was ready to move on, Mantaro and Meat start arguing because Kid Muscle asks for his usual food break. Meat yells at him to not fool around as they should make their way toward the arena for his match. Kid Muscle, as usual, is not listening and runs off to the surrounding restaurants. Meat gives up. Suddenly we hear something breaking and Meat looks up and one of the gigantic monkey fixture from a store falls down and a man in a black cloak with the # 5 on it throws his cloak down and turns into an old man who suplexes the sign out of harms way from the elderly folks it was going to drop on. Meat is very impressed with what just happened and a look of worry is shown because he knew that was the kids next opponent. The camera cuts again to the top of a sky scraper. On it, a tower opens up. From the center, a ring pops up with Ikemen standing in the center, and he proceeds to introduce the match: Kid Muscle vs. Barrier-free man. Kid Muscle comes out on a float dressed like a French Clown while meat is in a green chicken outfit that the crowd finds funny and they laugh at him. Barrier-free man comes out on a giant bed carried by the elderly. Kid muscle finds this hysterical and bursts out in laughter. One of the older men carrying Barrier-free man steps on a bottle that somehow was on the walkway, causing all the old people to trip. This causes the bed to spring Barrier-free man off of it and onto the ring floor face down. All the old people are seeing if he is ok and are apologizing for what happened. The old man who slipped first said it was his fault entirely and barrier-free man tells them it was none of their faults. The elderly people who carried him dont understand and barrier free man explains that it was the fault of the youth for having such a high ring and not having a walk ramp or a little sit elevator for him to get up there. He states that this is why he is known as Barrier-free man, it is his duty to remove all of these barriers which pose a threat onto the elderly and handicapped. The crowd loves hearing this and then the announcers continue saying about the accomplishments Barrier-free Man did for the elderly before the match. He bought most of the tickets for the older fans so that they can spend their money on their grandkids, made them free posters and programs, so that they would know what they were going to watch, and lastly padded underwear in case the match lasted longer than expected. The crowd ate it up. Ikemen's sister, Jacqueline, drops in from her jet and tells kid muscle that she is there to watch him win. Kid muscle gets over-excited, in many aspects of the word.

Ikemen reintroduces the competitors in the ring and bad mouths kid muscle, as usual. Kid muscle tries to get the crowd to cheer when Ikemen finishes, but only one person from the audience did. Next, Barrier-free man was introduced and the crowd went crazy. It cut to Dik Dik in the stands talking with the gang, and Dik Dik was saying that he bets Kid muscle is using reverse psychology to win the crowd. He says he should know since he too uses reverse psychology. By Dik Diks logic, he thinks that he himself has a near perfect record, thinking he won all his matches but one but in reality he lost all his matches but one. The camera pans back to Mantaro who declares that he couldnt care less to try and impress everyone; he only wants to impress two people, Jackie and the sushi guy he met who offered food in return of a victory against Barrier-Free man.

The bell rings. Kid muscle jumps to the turnbuckle and bounces off with a flying elbow. He then proceeds to nail Barrier-Free Man with Rick Flairs patented move, THE KNIFE EDGE CHOP. He nails Knife edge chop after knife edge chop drilling into barrier free mans chest. Kid muscle starts to make cruel comments about what a weakling Barrier-Free Man is and in retaliation Barrier free man uses his special power to turn into an old man. Kid muscle continues to hit him with his chops but the crowd started getting angry at kid muscles treatment towards this old man. They were booing harshly, even throwing whatever they could find at Mantaro. Barrier-free man still in his old man form tackled the thanks to this distraction. He then climbs on top of Mantaros chest and chuckles. Meat yelled at the kid to push off Barrier-Free Man quickly, but the kid complained that he was too heavy for him to even lift him up. Barrier-Free Man raises his arms and hits Mantaro with slow palm swats. Kid muscle thinks that these slaps are ineffective at first and isnt worried. Terry Kenyon from the crowd warns that it may seem harmless at first, but he should be careful. Wally Tusket and Dik Dik dress themselves as elder people and start cheering for the kid in hopes that the crowd would follow their lead. Kid muscle then starts to realize that these
slaps are starting to hurt him and gets worried!

by Dr. Tooth
As the episode opens up, a plush airliner carrying the Chojin finalists to their appointed destinations.  Is Kinniku Mantaro on it?  Of course not! Ikemen McMadd has made sure to give him  second rate treatment.  He is being transported via flatbed truck, along with Jaeger (Jade), Ricardo, Meat, Brocken Jr., and the kid's Mystery opponent.  Looking like losers, passers-by (in a convertible) harass him.  The kid becomes enraged, but begs for a ride anyway.

Meanwhile on the airplane, the A-list Chojins (including Destruction, Kevin Mask, and Kevin's coach Lord Flash) lounge in luxury aside the Chairman of the IWF, Ikemen and his father, Vance.  The two discuss the following match, featuring the kid.  Ikemen assures Vance that the annoying Kid will soon fall at the hands of the next fighter.  He then ejects the seat, leaving the plan.  After all, he has to rig the match, and get his chin refinished.  Ikemen enjoys the soft fall out of the airplane, until of course a jet plane rips right through the parachute.  Ikemen now plummets to the ground.  And who was on that jet plane?  His own sister, Jacqueline.

The flatbed truck dumps the wrestlers and their coaches at their stop.  The driver has to pick up a load of manure.  That must have been the reason it had an odor, at least that's what the Kid says.  Being on the road 48 hours, even on a manure truck built up the kid's appetite, so he rushes into town to fill the void in his stomach.  Meat follows at a slower pace.  As the kid is dazed and awed by the restaurant signs, Meat witnesses a disaster in the making.  A fiberglass King Kong gorilla breaks free of its cables, causing it to plummet onto a group of senior citizens.  The disturbing event causes the mystery Chojin to reveal his true form, a giant blue humanoid with an elderly man growing out where the arm should be, and legs popping out through the shoulder of his other arm.  He then transforms into the old man, leaps into the sky, grabs hold of the mammoth gorilla, and smashes it with a suplex. The elderly are amazed by their savior, known as Barrier Free man.

Seconds later, an announcement is made.  Ikemen calls attention to the Sky High Tower, where the match will be held.  The Kid returns in just enough time to see the tower transform into the ring, where the match is to be held.  Ikemen is now in several casts and bandages due to his fall.  The "Clash of Power in the Tower" has begun.  Once again, Mac Metaphor and Doc Nakano give commentary to the fight, and trade toupee jokes.  This time concerning the doc's new ionically charged hair piece, which explodes in Mac's hands.

The contenders arrive in the ring.  Kid enters the ring in a Brazilian Carnival style float shaped like a fish, and adorned with crabs, and other sea life.  He is dressed like a clown, and beats a drum, while Meat is dressed like a parrot.  Barrier Free Man enters quite differently.  He is sleeping on a giant mat, under a blanket and with a pillow for him and his old man arm.  It is carried by about 35 elderly people, struggling to hold it up.  Even the Kid laughs at this one, but not the audience, which is mostly filled with Barrier Freeman's elderly followers.  Unfortunately, one of the fogies carrying the contender slips on a discarded bottle, causing the whole procession to give way, and Barrier Free man hurtles towards the canvas.  The sniveling old man begs for forgiveness, but Barrier free Man assures him it's not his fault.  According to him, there should have been stairs of a lift to get into the ring, even though the step is a scant couple inches.  We learn why Barrier Free man gets his name.  He fights to break down the barriers for the elderly.
Suddenly, Jacqueline drops down to view the fight and give Kid Muscle the edge to fight tough (she doesn't really care about him, though. She just wants to a brutal fight).  Ikemen is obviously jealous of her popularity, and brown noses his way into her good graces. He is quickly shot down. Ikemen finally announces the fight, and shows his contempt for Kid Muscle. But as the kid is announced, only one spectator cheers.  It is his lack of respect for the elderly that does it. Dik Dik feels the kid is using reverse psychology, meaning he wants the elderly to disrespect him. And by the same reverse logic, Dik Dik has never lost a Match, but he won them all, and starts to cackle madly.  He's finally lost it (or won it).  Barrier Free Man, however, gets a standing ovation, at least by the people who are able to stand. The Kid is skeptical that this challenger even poses a threat. Meat warns him, that he's getting too cocky.  Meat witnessed the previous incident of the falling gorilla sign, and how Barrier Free suplexed it with ease. The fight gets underway.  The Kid opens by bouncing of the turnbuckle, and delivers a blow to Barrier Free man via his elbow.  The Kid's follow is a barrage of judo chops to Barrier Free Man's chest. He makes a crack about his opponent belonging in an old folks home, and Barrier Free man responds angrily that the term is retirement community. Barrier Free Man pulls off his signature movie, the GrandpolyMorph (the same move he used to turn into an old man moments earlier). Mantaro continues the barrage. The crowd is not pleased.  How dare he strike an old man?  The spectators retaliate by pelting the Kid with Teapots, apples, and various other brick a brack.  Indeed, the attacks resembled elder abuse. The old man charges at the Kid's leg, tackling him.  The Kid may have been a goner, had he not countered with a cross clench knee lock.  The old man straddles him and winds up a punch, to the delight of the crowd. Because the Kid is taking a beating, not just by the fighter, but the crowd as well, Dik Dik and Wally go under cover.  They disguise as old people to change the favor to support Kid Muscle.  Alas, to no avail.  Meanwhile, the punch is still being wound up and it is ready for impact. a gentle slap?!?!  Apparently he can't punch, since his bones aren't what they used to be.  Terry Points out that a dog with no teeth can still give a fierce gumming, and that's what the old man intends to do.  The slaps become more fast and furious, and start to cause damage as the episode fades out, along with the Kid.  Barrier Free Man definitely has something sinister planned for next time.


Synopsis written by: MaxPowerz/Dr Tooth

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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