Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 5

Air date: 09/14/2002


As we begin episode 5 we see the Hercules Factory spaceship towing Mantaro's ship just over the top of a small Tokyo neighborhood. While Mantaro is sitting on the toilet, Gazelleman releases the towed spacecraft and it hurtles to the ground, crashing in the yard of the funny little house that Mantaro came upon when he first came to Earth. Upon entering the house, Meat (Niku) is overjoyed because this is the same house that he and Mantaro first met. (Consequently, this is the same house that Meat and Suguru first lived in at the very beginning of generation 1.) All the while Mantaro is crying about the house not having the amenities of his room on Planet Kinniku.

Meat begins Mantaro's training, but Mantaro, uninterested doesn't give much effort. Meat puts Mantaro in a submission hold that he claims has never been broken, and tells Mantaro to try to get out. Mantaro doesn't even try, until he spots three young schoolgirls and is quite taken with one of them. In his smitten state, he decides to get a closer look at them, and easily wrests free of Meat's hold. While hiding behind a hedge in front of the girls, he hears them talking about the latest fads and learns the name of the one he is quite overtaken with is Rinko (Roxanne). As the girls turn to leave, Mantaro begins to follow. But before he can get off the property, he is stopped by Gazelleman, who informs him that he is to train, and not to leave the property at all, until instructed to do so, by Gazelleman himself, who has taken charge of the new group. Words are exchanged, and Gazelleman and Mantaro are about to spar, when out of nowhere, Kevin Mask steps in the way and asks why to Hercules Factory graduates would be fighting among each other. Words are exchanged and Meat recognizes Kevin to be the son of Robin Mask. Gazelleman and Kevin Mask begin to fight, and Kevin Mask easily gets the best of Gazelleman. Sparing him any real harm, he taunts them some more and leaves.

Next scene, it is night and Mantaro and Meat are sleeping in the funny little house. Outside the window, we see three members of the DMP ready to pounce on the sleeping pair, but they are confronted by Gazelleman.

Upon awakening the next morning, Mantaro decides to go into town for a bite to eat, and notices the same girl from the day before and follows her all around town. Eventually he follows Rinko into a building that is hosting an IWF Wrestling Event. As he enters it pans to the center ring where the current tag team champs have just successfully defended their titles. Meat is the next one through the door, finally having found Mantaro after his chase. Suddenly, three members of the DMP enter the center ring and make quick work of the tag team champs. Meat thinks this is the perfect chance for Mantaro to wipe the floor with some DMP baddies. During the final blow to the tag team champs, it is revealed that Kevin Mask is one of the DMP. Meat is appalled! How could the son of one of the Hercules Factory's greatest champions  be affiliated with the DMP? Kevin Mask begins his dialogue about how, growing up he was deprived of a normal life, because of his father's push for Kevin to become every bit the champion he was. He says eventually he got tired of it, and took his frustrations to the streets, where he took on all the common street thugs and beat the hell out of them, and finally was given the opportunity to join the DMP (who he noted "gave him a sense of family"). Just then, Gazelleman busts through the door (looking quite demolished) and tells how the DMP were going to attack Mantaro as he slept last night, but that he stopped them, and instead got beat down in the process. Meat urges Mantaro to go on the offense towards them, and surprisingly he does and enters the ring looking like he's going to bust open the gates on them. But, staying true to character, Mantaro goes into a corny tirade about marketing the DMP's shirts and what not. When it is explained to him that they are going to stomp him into the ground, Mantaro retreats to the far doors where he entered. He is about to exit until the spotlight is shone upon him, and Meat's voice booms over the loud speaker. Meat introduces Mantaro as the man who will take on the DMP. The crowd begins to cheer on Mantaro, and he is awed by the concept of a fan base. He even sees the girl he followed into the arena cheering for him (it turns out she was only trying to get her friend's attention, who happened to be standing directly behind Mantaro). This spurs him on and he enters the ring. When asked who he will challenge of the three, he picks the shortest, who turns out to be Tel Tel Boy (Dialbolic). Tel Tel Boy makes a show of himself, and tells Mantaro that he will be slaughtered when they meet tomorrow. Meat tells Mantaro not to fear, as he will have 24 hours to prep for the fight.

Back at Mantaro's shack, Meat comes in and is outraged that Mantaro is making stupid shirts instead of preparing for the fight the next day.......


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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