Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 2

Air date: 09/14/2002


In the midst of a conversation, directly after beating the baddie from the previous episode, a huge spaceship appears looming overhead. Niku coerces Kinniku Mantaro to enter, and aboard you see a few of the faces from the Hercules Factory. Sieuchin, Gazelleman, Apollo, Special Man Jr., Samuu, Canadian Boy and The Adams all introduce themselves, awed by the presence of the son of Suguru, while Mantaro, overjoyed by the welcome, enters in to an endless stream of mindless banter. Niku recalls how the fathers of the new generation were all great fighters, and how they were just like them. Mantaro then notices a man sitting in a corner, covered in a blanket and a 10 gallon hat, and approaches him to converse. The "stranger" is revealed to be Terry the Kid, son of the famous Terry Man. Because of Terry the Kid's attitude, Niku states that he is nothing like his dad, save for the physical resemblance. Terry the Kid then begins to rant about how he will be the best, and that his father was a chump, because he did all the work, but let Suguru take all the glory. And how he truly isn't like his dad, because he won't let it happen to him that way.

The next scene cuts away to the heroes approaching and entering the Hercules Factory Training Facility, where Buffaloman, Robinmask and Rikishiman are there to greet them. Thus they begin their training. One phase of training has the fighters bending backwards over a curved spiky thing, similar to half a donut, embedded with long spikes. They must suplex their dummies over the spike without getting pricked. Terry the Kid does so flawlessly. Samuu does so, but touches the spikes, and thus passes, but barely. It is now Mantaro's turn. The coward that he is, he hesitates, until Robin Mask threatens to push him over it. Mantaro begins his move, but Terry the Kid, who is munching on a bag of nuts, spits one with so much force, that it embeds itself in Mantaro's arm. Mantaro, being stung by the projectile, loses his balance and  falls to the side, gashing his shoulder on one of the spikes. When Niku begins to berate him for screwing up, Mantaro complains about the nut, and it is revealed that Terry the Kid interfered. Niku and Robinmask began to chastise Terry the Kid about interfering, and Terry again starts off on his tirade about his dad losing all the glory to Suguru, and so forth. He explains that if Mantaro were drowning in the ocean that he would swim the opposite way, and would never help him out. At the end of the rant, Mantaro and SpecialMan Jr. take off in the wrong direction, away from the rest of the group and they are told to come back, that they are going towards the sparring ring. Specialman Jr. then begins to crack and out comes Boaconda (English name). Boaconda tosses Mantaro into the ring and activates the cage feature, which locks the two of them in until one wins. They are now trapped in a huge steel cage match, in which Mantaro gets the crap kicked out of him. Not to be outdone, Terry the Kid jumps onto the side of the cage and taunts Boaconda, complaining that Mantaro is taking the spotlight, as Suguru did to Terry Man. Boaconda, annoyed, lashes his spiked tail at the side of the cage and succeeds in knocking Terry the Kid flat on his back, far away from the cage setup. Still reeling from the hit, and suffering from a gash on his thigh, Terry the Kid is approached by a cloaked stranger. The stranger helps Terry to sit up, and removes a patterned handkerchief from his cloak. When he removes the cloth, a picture of Suguru and Terry Man, holding the HUGE trophy they won as the Machine Guns tag team. As he begins tying the bandana around the gash on Terry the Kid's injured thigh, Terry recognizes it as belonging to his father. The cloaked figure reveals that it is the handkerchief that Terry Man gave to Suguru as a token of their friendship, and that Suguru wore it into battle always, because it made him feel as if Terry Man was right there fighting along side him. Terry the Kid mentioned that he never saw his dad bring home a trophy as big as in the Machine Guns picture, and it was explained that Terry Man refused to accept them for himself, as his greatest reward was helping his friends. Finally the cloaked figure states that Suguru held Terry Man up as his inspiration and role model. Hearing all this, Terry the Kid decides to help out Mantaro somehow. But, the cloaked figure taunts Terry the Kid, reminding him of his vow never to help Mantaro. Terry the Kid recants and vows to try to be a man as good as his father. Terry the kid runs off to help Mantaro, and you see a shadowed face of the cloaked stranger. It is Suguru. Leaping again to the side of the cage, Terry the Kid distracts Boaconda from his attempt to pop Mantaro's head off his body, and when Boaconda releases Mantaro to give Terry the Kid another whack with his tail, Terry loads up some nuts in his mouth and fires away at Boaconda, putting large indentations/holes in his armor. Urged on by Terry the Kid, Mantaro then grapples Boaconda into the Kinniku-buster move (butt-buster) and decimates the robot into torn shreds. The aftermath shows Mantaro and Terry the Kid giving each other the thumbs up sign.



Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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