Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 1

Air date: 09/14/2002


We see a flying fist spaceship hurtling towards Earth and eventually crash into the side of Mt. Fuji. The ship holds the DMP, who began their reign of terror by decimating the first generation fighters, such as Robinmask, Terry Man, Buffaloman, Curry Cook and Ramen Man.

Back on planet Kinniku (giant Kinniku head) after being badly beaten, they gripe that if Suguru would have been there to help, they wouldn't have lost to the DMP. Ramen Man explains to the 'older' generation that there is another who may possess the power of Suguru, Kinniku Mantaro. There is significant banter about him because Mantaro is a spoiled coward.

Cut to Mantaro's (Kid Muscle's) room. Mantaro is about to eat and gets overjoyed because it is his favorite, beef guidon. However, to the dismay of Mantaro, he won't be allowed to eat until his studies are complete. Feigning study, he is really looking at a girlie magazine. While fawning over the beauties, his Grandfather taps him on the shoulder, but Mantaro is in deep thought and ignores this. Upset at Mantaro's lack of discipline, the old man begins to explain to him about his destiny and so forth. Mantaro, being the irresponsible, spoiled little wretch that he is, decides to run away from all this. Using his fart flying technique to outrun his pursuers, he ends up on a spaceship that autopilots itself to Earth. After crash landing, Mantaro finds himself in a field next to a peculiar looking shed (the old house of Suguru and Mitokun/Niku from the early manga). Inside, Mantaro is curious about a coffin shaped box. He presses a button and out pops Mitokun (Niku) from his cryogenic preservation. Niku explains to Mantaro about his destiny, and again, not wanting the responsibility, Mantaro runs back to his space pod, to blast off again. Much to his chagrin, he encounters Blood Killer (Adversarious) of the DMP, who has come to destroy him. After running for his life from the DMP bully, Mantaro takes a break to eat a bowl of Beef Guidon. Again he is denied his favorite meal, as Blood Killer (Adversarious) crushes the bowl. That does it for Mantaro, and after an emotional outburst, he beats the living hell out of Blood Killer, ending it with the Kinniku-buster. Blood Killer retreats to fight another day, and the episode ends.

Synopsis written by: Taichi/Warsman

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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