Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 66

Air date: 09/14/2002


The show opens with Msr. Cheeks explaining what happened in the previous episode. This episode opens with a establishing shot of a hospital, with the announcement that Doctor Gerry Atrix is needed in Surgery, and that Doctor Petey Atrix is needed in the Children's Ward. We see a close-up of Jaeger in bed, and the doctor informs Brocken that he is in critical condition, and they do not know when he will come out of his coma.

Three shadowy figures with gravely voices are seen walking down a darkness shrouded corridor talking of the 'surprise' someone will get when they are seen, the revenge they would travel to the ends of the world to wrought, and how he will react to them and their... 'little gift.'

We rejoin Ricardo's mad dash toward Electrolix with Meat, Roxanne, and the announcers shouting "NO!," and Jacqueline moaning "Yes! Now we'll see that chicken fried, Extra CRISPY!" At the very last moment, Ricardo tosses Kid Muscle out of the way of Electrolix, and stands waiting for Kid to get up. Kid states "You're just pretending to be nice so I'll let my guard down, and then you'll electrocute me!" Ricardo gives a non-committal bob of the head and shrug of the shoulders. After this, he takes a pose of attack. "What's Kid Doing?" asks Mac Metaphor. Doc replies, "I think the technical term you're looking for is 'Hiding.'" Ricardo gives chase to Kid Muscle around Electrolix. The crowd begins to throw "everything they can get their hands on," as Doc says. The screen jumps to Meat with Roxanne inquiring about the situation as we hear Doc exclaim "Hey, Mac! Put Me DoowwwAAAHHHH!" and we see him fly across the background. Meat explains to Roxanne that Kid's 'Bean Sized Brain' has been overloaded-- he expected Ricardo to be foul, not fair, and to be DMP: instead he was Muscle League. "Come out, Come out Wherever you Are! Olly olly Oxen Free!" cries Ricardo, peeing from under Electrolix. He executes and exciting under-the-X slide kick and knocks Kid Muscle high into the air, following it up with an Uppercut, knocking the Kid almost onto McMadd's Son's new shoes. Kid stays cowered beside the canvas as Ricardo looks around. "I believe the Coward you're looking for is right here!" shouts Jacqueline, and Kid Muscle asks "How Could YOU??!?" As Ricardo begins barreling toward the ropes, his Cyclopean DMP Crony quips "I'd bet my one good eye that we'll see his Cruel Side, NOW!" However, Ric cuts himself off in midair, returning to the ring to wait on Kid Muscle. "Is this for real?" Kid asks. Ricardo reassures him that he believes in his Muscle League creed and would have never cracked Jaeger with his Brazilian Nut Cracker if he had seen the towel. Kid says he thinks that it's cool he wants to give up his villainy as Ricardo's other DMP Crony sneers "You're on my towel, Dork." This sends Kid Muscle into an boot to the head kick as he trips forward... replayed three times its smacking upside Ricardo's skull, it knocks Ricardo into Electrolix. Doc says he won't be able to sit down for a week if Electrolix's licks are anything like his Father's licks. Ricardo begins to crack, quipping "I see you're ready to fight." "Don't turn into the monster with fangs!" Kid cries as he grabs tape and begins to tape up Ric. Ric says that the X is part of the match and fighting fair. Kid kicks Ricardo in the head, and they rush toward each other like Rhinos.
Jacqueline is enthralled as Ricardo catches Kid in a Zafara. Meat explains that only Pashango, the Lord of the Leg lock, the Honcho of the Headlock, the Prince of Pain, the Sultan of Submission could have taught Ricardo that move. As his followers beside the ring chant of how cool cruel is, Ricardo tells them to Shut Up, that he is Not cruel-- He helps Old ladies across the street. He wants to become a vegetarian and the Mayor of California! Kid believes that Ricardo is cracking up even more than his mask. Kid is getting stretched more than Spandex on an Elephant according to Mac Metaphor. Kid breaks free from the hold and begins a scissors lock on Ricardo's head, and as Ricardo tries to escape, he flips himself into Electrolix. Kid asks if Ricardo gives up as he holds Ricardo's leg. Kid then launches himself into the air and hits Ricardo's mask... cracking it again. Kid again grabs the adhesive tape and puts Ricardo into a hold to hold him together. Many egg jokes ensue, and Ricardo gets tired of the cracks about cracks. Meat says he's tired of hearing of Ricardo's crack, and Kid says he can never hear too many cracks as he passes a small fart. Ricardo then cracks his legs and double-joints into Kid's hold, springing out of the hold and puts Kid Muscle into a Giant Swing. Jacqueline wants to see some whacking, some smacking-- and Jacqueline is angered as Ricardo pulls Kid away from Electrolix once again.

Pashango comes into Ricardo's mind and asks how long he'll pretend to be a Muscle Leaguer and Ricardo begins getting upset, as he feels that he IS a Muscle Leaguer. Kid Muscle is spent into space, falling back down right onto Electrolix. The crowd cringes, Meat cringes, McMadd and Son Cringe;
begins cracking up with sadistic glee.

The hospital appears with a nurse's voice calling Doctor Atrix. "What is it, Nurse?" asks the Doctor. "It's Jaeger!" she responds. "Yes, I can see that from his chart." "No, he's come out of his coma!" Kid has hurt his leg on Electrolix. Roxanne also notices that Ricardo seems to be having a mental breakdown. He seems to be frozen between good and evil.

Ricardo again is inside his mind and says 'he's right over there!' In the crowd Roxanne points out a giant headdress on a stand, but cannot see Pashango as Ricardo says. Only Ricardo can see Pashango. The three creepy guys explain that Master Pashango has crossed over because a Demon in the mists. Ricardo, they allege, killed him because he knew of the monster underneath and could see into his heart. Ricardo says they were practicing the move that was taught to him, the Brazilian Nut Cracker, when it went wrong. The three says he did it intentionally.. and Ricardo shreaks "Nooooooo..." and as half of his mask falls off, slurs it into a hissed "Yesssssss." Kid Muscle dropkicks the shattering Ricardo to take advantage of his distraction, hurting his leg worse. As Ricardo bounces off the ropes, the Kid catches him with a Clothesline. As he falls, Ricardo catches Kid with a cross clinched Knee hold on the Kid's injured leg and bites it with his fangs. Meat shouts that Kid must twist in the same direction as Ricardo is twisting his leg to break it. When Kid does just that, Ricardo flies into Electrolix... and catches it in the fangs, dealing no damage to Ricardo. Kid throws himself into the ropes and catapults toward Ricardo, who grabs Electrolix with his non-conductive claws and levers it back like an arm of a catapult...


Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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