Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 51

Air date: 09/14/2002


Back at the stadium in the crater, the crowd watches in awe as the enormous Maximillion Overdrive (the 3rd incarnation of Baron Maximillion) a.k.a. Mad Max, towers triumphantly over the dormant body of Kinniku Mantaro. The girls, Tamaki (Trixie) and Keiko (Kiki), are in denial and are looking for confirmation that Mantaro will get up again, but everyone, the Seigi Chojins (Muscle League) included, believe that he has lost his first match. Max vows to treat Rinko (Roxanne) like a flower as he moves a small rose between his enormous fingers. He begins to laugh as he smashes the rose into pieces. Rinko is disgusted and Maximillion tells her that he has won and the match is finished. But behind him, to the shock of everyone watching, Mantaro rises to his feet. Mantaro's friends are amazed at his recovery, but Meat notices that he is up, but still out cold, asleep.

Kinnikuman Suguru (King Muscle) confirms this. The group, Terry the kid, Sieuchin (Wally Tusket), Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik), Jade (Jaeger) and Checkmate run to the base of the ring to shout at Mantaro to wake up. Mantaro is oblivious, even as Meat shouts at him. Mantaro assumes a fighting stance, but is clearly, still asleep. Maximillion charges and pummels him violently. Meat is saddened, but Suguru approaches him to encourage him. He notes that Mantaro may be a deep sleeper, but that he is also a sleep fighter. A skill attained from years of sharing a bed with his dad (kinnikuman Suguru). He notes that they both toss and turn violently in their sleep, and as an after effect, learned how to fight and block in their sleep. Maximillion decides to palm Mantaro's head again and tosses him up, Landing sole to sole with Mantaro as he descends, in what Nakano San refers to as an "Otter Drop", a move similar to the Pile Driver Stallion Style used by Checkmate. Checkmate yells to Mantaro to remember when he escaped Checkmate's finisher. The snoozing Mantaro, as if my reflex, alters his feet to allow himself to flip up and head butt the knees of Mad Max. This breaks the hold and he falls into the ring ropes below. Maximillion lands on both feet and is stunned that he escaped the move. Maximillion approaches the slumped, snoozing Mantaro in preparation for another "Baron Wasteland".

As Max approaches, Jade un-fastens his skull broach and throws it towards Mantaro. It hits his forearm, landing safely in his gloved hand. As the Baron lifts Mantaro by the neck, Jade shouts and the Skull of Mysteries begins to glow. The sleeping Mantaro hits Maximillion clean across the chest with the Baron's red Rain (Red Rain of Pain) causing him to falter and fumble backwards. Terry notes that Jade's skull came in handy, and the group vows that they are there to support Mantaro. Rinko (Roxanne) clues in and begins to chant his name, "Mantaro, Mantaro, Mantaro!" ("Kid Muscle, Kid Muscle, Kid Muscle!") This gets the group going and also the crowd. Hearing his name from the thousands of supporters, something stirs in his subconscious. He dreams of Minch and the Ninja (Ninja Ned). In the dream they suddenly are sitting in a boat, in the middle of a lake, in a bank of fog. Mantaro is distressed and they remind him of his past victories, even when winning seemed impossible. They show the fights with Fork the Giant (Forkolossus), Hanzou and Bone Cold. Mantaro is oblivious to the fact that he is still in a fight, and the y remind him that this match is the most important yet. Mantaro looks over the edge of the boat, into the water, which begins to ripple. In the water, he sees visions of Tamaki (Trixie), Keiko (Kiki), Terry, Sieuchin, Jade, Gazelleman, Checkmate and even the crown at the stadium cheering him on. He also sees people from around the world rooting for him, in places as far away as New York, the arctic and India. Even past rivals are urging him on. He sees Fork the Giant, Hanzou, Bone Cold, Sunshine, Crione Man (Hydrozoa), Dead Signal (road Rage) and yes, even Scar Face (Mars/Eskara). What finally wakes him up is the sight of Rinko cheering him on. He is praised by his father for having the heart to go on, and powers up. He stands before Maximillion but is quickly hammered by Mad Max who knocks him to the ground. He stomps his head into the canvas, trying to keep him from fully powering up. Maximillion celebrates, but his victory is cut short as Mantaro calls on the power of friendship to escape from the foot press. The Baron grins at this development and slams Mantaro hard in the nose with a huge palm, knocking Mantaro into the ropes, and causing him to grab at his injured face. Coming off the roses is a furious and fully powered Mantaro.

Radiating with power, he strikes out at Maximillion with a spinning kick, sending him back, but as he hovers in the air, Max lands a solid clothesline, knocking Mantaro to the canvas. But Mantaro rolls out of danger quickly as the Baron tries to land a huge leg, Hulkster style. Mantaro grabs the Baron from behind and slingshots him backwards onto the canvas, introducing the Baron's thick neck to the hard canvas. Max launches them both up and mid air, Mantaro hits him with a powerful head but, using the advantage in momentum to flip him around and land a tremendous Kinniku-Driver. Billows of dust arise from ringside as the impact shakes the ring. But sooner than you can say dirt, Maximillion is back on his feet, un-phased. Mantaro is sitting against the ropes as the Baron approaches him, scoffing that he is unhurt. But as he steps forward, his knees buckle, as the damage has taken it's toll. Falling to his knees, a weakened Baron enrages himself, using every last drop of strength to grab Mantaro and begin the ascent for the Baron Wasteland. In the air, Mantaro agonizes painfully because of the g-force of the spinning tornado, but manages to break free of the hold. He rises higher than Maximillion and then comes down suddenly landing a hug leg on the back of the Baron. Reeling from the kick, Max grabs Mantaro's ankle and starts a violent spin, hurtling Mantaro onto the canvas below. Ricocheting out of the ring, in the general direction of Rinko's glass bubble, he stops just inches short of impact with the glass. Lying on his back and feet first (inches from the glass) he lifts his head to see Rinko's face and gives her a devious grin. It is then that everyone notices that he has a hold of one of the ropes, now stretched a couple hundred feet. As he begins his return, Mantaro is berated by Maximillion for thinking that the ropes would save him. Mantaro notes that he didn't grab the rope to save him, but rather he did it to set up the behemoth for the Muscle Millennium. Rebounding with such force that he is getting atmospheric burn up, he impacts the still falling Maximillion and nails him directly into the ropes with enough force to break the ropes, hit the inner wall of the crater and tunnel completely through to the outside of Mt. Fuji. (You REALLY have to see this). Maximillion chomps rock all the way through as Mantaro is propelled along, forehead to back, Ultimate Muscle symbol flaring with ever increasing velocity and pressure. The camera fades to white as we are taken to a distant shot of Mt. Fuji, showing a small puff of smoke as the two exit the mountain. The ground begins to shake violently as the smoke plume grows exponentially, causing birds to scatter, and those in the city nearby to think that Fuji is erupting. From the smoke we see a shape ejected and in the stadium there is speculation that both wrestlers are gone, resulting in a draw. But from the settling dust coming from the inner hole in the crater, we see Mantaro walking towards the ring victoriously. We are then treated to view of a screaming, agonizing Maximillion, hurtling into a mountain somewhere, landing with a loud, "OUCH". In the ring, Mantaro raises his fist in triumph as the crowd celebrates below. Rinko looks on proudly from her glass bubble. Mantaro looks to her but is perplexed as the floating Jester face begins to rumble. We see the smirking face of Mad Max as the spaceship explodes, hurtling Rinko over the edge of Mt. Fuji. Mantaro gives chase to the rocketing Rinko and at the edge of the peak, leaps off, hand outstretched to reach the hand of his love. He manages to reach her but misses and she hurtles off below. He freaks out and uses a fart to propel him to her at high velocity. With Rinko safe in his arms, the pair realizes that they are both hurtling toward the ground at breakneck pace. Just then Terry the Kid grabs Mantaro's ankle, then Jade grabs Terry and Sieuchin grabs Jade, weighted down at the end as Checkmate in Stone Stallion form lands with all four hooves on the mountain side. The force causes them to whip backs towards the mountain, where Gazelleman is playing catcher for the pair. On impact, Gazelleman is knocked back into the crater, as Mantaro hold Rinko in his arms. On the edge, Mantaro works up the nerve to ask Rinko for a kiss. He is stunned that she agrees, as is the crowd, who looks on is bewilderment. As he reaches her lips, Rinko pulls up Nakano San at the last second, causing Mantaro to plant a wet one on the toupee wearing announcer. Both guys are disgusted and gargling and Mantaro screams at Rinko for her treachery. Rinko says he was giving her the creeps. She walks up behind him, her arms on his shoulders and tells him that, "The truth is, that I love..." and then she is drowned out by the jester head space ship which gives a final blow as it erupts into falling dust. She walks away giggling as Mantaro tries to get her to repeat herself. He chases after her and the scene cuts to Kevin Mask riding off into the distance on a Harley. Next scene shows the guys, including Brocken Jr. and Terry Man, all around Mantaro who is engaged in stuffing his mouth. They all share a few laughs as the screen fades out to the bright blue sky.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 2

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