Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 34

Air date: 09/14/2002


Fork the Giant (Forkolossus) swings at Mantaro and misses, but then converts into a forklift and runs Mantaro over. He goes for another shot, but Mantaro dodges. Fork just keeps on going, right up the side of the cage and launches into the air. Coming down, he has all four posts coming down as if he were going to skewer Mantaro, but when he lands, Mantaro is scrunched in between al four posts and is cubed, as in a trash compactor. Mantaro recovers and Fork questions Mantaro's motive for fighting. Fork the Giant is fighting to get out of prison, but what are Mantaro's motives? He mentions that all fighters fight for prize money, event he DMP baddies that Mantaro defeated. He says that by beating them, Mantaro took money out of their pockets, and subsequently, food off their table. Fork lays the guilt trip on thick, as he mentions how Blood Killer (Adversarious) and the other have suffered because Mantaro beat them. Even Checkmate has had problems feeding his family because of Mantaro. Mantaro begins to feel a wave of guilt and tries to deny it, but Fork says it is true. He tells him to look to the side, where Checkmate is seen entering the venue to watch the match.

Everyone wonders why Checkmate has come to see the fight. Fork says that he is there to see Mantaro get pummeled, since he ruined his livelihood. He lays the mind games on even more so than before, and Mantaro is left distraught. Checkmate walks up to where Minch is seated, closer to the ring, and Sieuchin (Wally Tusket) confronts him, saying that if he wants to try to hurt Mantaro, he has to go through him first. Minch reprimands Sieuchin for assuming what Checkmate's intentions are, and bids Checkmate to sit next to him. Fork calls out to Checkmate, that he will pound Mantaro for his enjoyment, but Checkmate seems unmoved, and even grimaces. Mantaro is slammed against the cage walls numerous times. Meat yells at Mantaro to snap out of it. Fork is a criminal and he should have no sympathy for him. Mantaro livens up and charges Fork, who grabs him by the arms and swings him around, ready to catapult him into the cage again. Mantaro reverses the hold though, and flips him over his back, dunking him on his noggin. Fork gets up and slams Mantaro, knocking him out of the ring, and onto the ground in front of Checkmate. Fork steps out of the cage and pulls off a bar. He swings it to crack Mantaro on the head, but Checkmate puts out his forearm, deflecting the blow. Everyone is shocked.

Checkmate tells Fork that is is illegal to pummel his opponent outside of the ring, and thus, dishonorable. He tells him to have some honor. Mantaro is awed to, and still guilty because of Fork's mind games, grovels at the feet of Checkmate, apologizing profusely for beating him in the match before. He tells Checkmate he will lay down and lose if it will help. Checkmate tells Mantaro to persevere, and he is stunned. Did Checkmate just tell him to hang in there? Fork grabs Mantaro, making a snide comment to Checkmate about pummeling Mantaro for his viewing pleasure. He drags Mantaro back into the ring and commences the punishment, Mantaro is lethargic, and is beaten on heavily, while Checkmate and Minch have a long discussion about why he saved Mantaro from the pipe beating. Checkmate explains that it is because Mantaro taught him honor. In the previous match, his drive and determination was hatred, but when Mantaro fought with honor, defeating him, though he lost, he did it with honor. And that changed his outlook. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Fork the Giant converts once again to a fork lift and attacks Mantaro with his tractor treads, scraping the side of his face.

Mantaro starts to black out, still lethargic from his guilt for defeating the others, but he hears a voice in the distance. It is Checkmate, telling him to hang in there. Checkmate tells Mantaro to discard the guilt. He fought with honor, and for that, there is no shame. He tells Mantaro to draw his strength from his honor. Mantaro, hearing these words, powers up to Ultimate Muscle. Fork laughs, saying the only true strength comes from anger. Mantaro disregards this and tosses Fork up, running at the ropes, and spearing him into the opposite ropes, the Muscle Millennium! Fork is out, and Mantaro lands, but the huge mass that is Fork the Giant, begins to fall, like a felled redwood. Mantaro jumps out of the way in time, before he is smashed by the falling giant. He huddles in the corner, shaking. But Meat yells to get the lantern to win the match. Mantaro grabs the ladder and begins to climb, but as he nears the top, Fork grabs hold of his ankle. He immediately releases it though, as he falls dozens of feet tot he mat below. Mantaro succeeds in grabbing the lantern, but is puzzled that it doesn't light up. Down below, the crowd of angry inmates begin to chant and call for Forks head on a plate. Mantaro seeing this, feels compassion for Fork, and takes the other lantern to him, so they both win. He hands it to him, telling him he can't be completely evil, and Fork tosses it to the ground releasing a vapor. Fork explains that the lantern was full of evil energies. His eyes begin to water because of Mantaro's kindness, and he has a change of heart. Mantaro's lantern begins to glow, and Minch notes that he has passed his first test. He used compassion to reform Fork, instead of only violence. Back at Muscle HQ on KinnikuPlanet. Kinnikuman Soldier (Sergeant Muscle/Kinnikuman) is watching the match wrap up on a big screen, when he is disturbed by a man standing upside down, walking on the ceiling. It is the Ninja!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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