Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 43

Air date: 09/14/2002


The next round is set in a large Olympic Stadium. All the fighters enter with their entourage, carrying flags, representing their homeland. Terry, Gazelleman, Sieuchin, Kevin and Checkmate all arrive. Mantaro is last, since he is the wild card winner. Rinko and the girls are cringing to think of what he might arrive in, remembering all the horrible costumes he has worn in the past. Mantaro is announced and he enters waving the flag of Kinniku-Planet and wearing....a tank top and boxers?! He is jeered and the fans start tossing their garbage at him. he explains that he overslept and didn't have time to get dressed. But in the next frame, as Ikemen gives the opening speech, Mantaro is in his jumpsuit. Ikemen raves about himself for a few minutes and then closes as he holds up the Championship Belt! Mantaro thinks to himself that he needs to win this tournament, so he can put the belt back on the mantle at home.

The first challenge is announced, and a substitute entry is announced. It is Kani Besu (Buster Crab). As old as he is, he is still pretty fit. Ikemen announces that the first challenge will be "Rock Paper Scissors" and then "Ha, Made You Look!". Mantaro's challenger is Kani Besu. There is some explanation of Kani Besu's origin in the first and second Chojin Olympics. How he faced Suguru in the first Olympics and had only pincers, so he was forced to choose scissors. He lost to Suguru's Rock. He then came back around in the second Chojin Olympics, after having his hands operated on to give him five fingers, instead of pincers. That time though, he chose paper and Suguru chose scissors. He then was ridiculed for losing to Suguru twice and went into hiding. Ikemen found him and urged him to return to battle Mantaro. The round starts and Mantaro chooses Rock, Kani wins with Paper. The Kani seems to win at "Made you look" but Mantaro says he looked the other way, and cannot be fooled. Rock Paper Scissors again, and Mantaro wins this time with scissors to Kani's paper again. He then pulls a turd from somewhere (a stinkbug in the US version) and shows it to Kani Besu. He fallaciously tells Kani that a bigger one is over there. Kani looks and Mantaro wins! Mantaro runs around happy to win and everyone avoids him, for the crap on his hand.

First round winners are announced and all the guys win, except for Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik). He is huddled, knees to his chest, crying that he lost out. Mantaro puts his hand on his shoulder to console him, but Gazelleman smells something funny. Mantaro removes his hand and notices that the poop is still there. Ikemen announces a change of turf for the second round. The ground becomes a beach with ocean water and all. Terry asks Mantaro if he is ready for the swimming competition and Mantaro pulls out his satchel and is ready to quit, as he can't swim very well. Checkmate catches up to him and explains that there is no swim competition and Mantaro returns. Ikemen announces that the next round will be "Beach Flags". First person to get to the goal will win. There is a twist though. The ground shakes as a 40 yard dash runways appears. Three lanes and at the finish line there is a large white bean bag. Up from beneath the finish, a giant stone demon head comes from under the sand and hovers above the goal. There is a damsel in distress hanging from the open mouth of the demon head. Ikemen explains that the three contestants will have to race from the finish line and save the falling damsel before she hits the bean bag. She will drop as soon as the starting gun is fired. First up is a cyborg cyclops in army fatigues, Sieuchin (Wally Tusket) and the airplane guy from Russia.

Starting gun is fired and the airplane guy is ahead. Sieuchin and the cyborg run for position, but the cyborg whack Sieuchin, sending him reeling. He catches up to the airplane guy and hits him too, sending him falling. The airplane guy transforms to a jet and speed up. The cyborg launches a cannonball at the Russian, but it is sliced in half by the jet wings, as is the cyborg a second later. The Russian airplane rushed to the finish, saving the damsel, thus winning and disqualifying Sieuchin. Next up is a banana man, a sushi bar man and Mantaro. The damsel this time is a fat sumo wrestler. The starting gun sounds and they are off. The banana is in the lead, followed by Mantaro and the sushi guy. The sushi guy hurls a seaweed and rice wrap at Mantaro, turning him into a huge California Roll. He runs ahead of Mantaro and gains on the banana, but the banana man drops a peel, sending sushi man into a tizzy. Mantaro is hoping furiously in the roll, to try to catch the banana, but as he gains he slips on the peel. This is to his benefit though, as he is launched head first at the banana man passing him up just before the finish line and slipping free of the wrap, in order to catch the fat sumo guy, before he hits the bean bag. Checkmate and Kevin advance in their respective heats, also. The last heat is announced for Round 2. It is Terry the Kid, Jade and another nameless wrestler. Only one can advance...who will it be?!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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