Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 10

Air date: 09/14/2002


Starting exactly where we left off, we get a little of the background of Sunshine from Meat, and all of the sudden, holograms of Sunshine and his goons appear in the ring next to our heroes. Words are exchanged, and Mantaro is seen pissing all over everyone and everything. The holograms disappear and we are taken back tot he large screen in the arena, where the conversation is continued. Sunshine explains that he was one of the original founders of the DMP along with Satan Cross and a shadow that seems to be Big the Budo (Krangala for Taichi). He explains that he was booted out because of his losses to the original Kinniku group, so he formed his own group to conquer the Hercules Factory and the treacherous DMP. They are called the Nightmares, and have logo's that are a N*M on the chest (the * is actually the starburst on Sunshine's chest). In the background, Barbarian comes too and attacks the three baddies from behind, but one member of the group, who heretofore was wrapped up like a mummy, bust out to reveal Rex King (Tyranno Claw). Rex uses his left arm which is a dinosaur tail to grasp the Barbarian and throw him into a building in the background, causing the structure to crash to the ground, as if a demolition team had been there. He then reveals his entire persona and gives and example of what he can do with his tail arm (left) and tyrannosaurus head arm (right) by tearing to pieces a steel tower. They then want to know who will challenge them from the Hercules Factory and Terry the Kid volunteers. The match is set for noon the following day. Terry, wasting no time begins the long journey on foot. The others take a bullet train, as well as Rinko. Mantaro and Meat are seen hugging the back of the train, hitching a free ride.

In town, Mantaro and Meat go in search of some food, and end up in a small diner. Who else happens to be in the diner, but Sunshine, in a long over coat and hat as a partial disguise. Conversation ensues and Sunshine flashes back to times past. He recalls some battle scenes including Kinniku Suguru and Kinnikuman Great (Terry Man) defeating Sunshine and Ashuraman. Along with Buffalo man changing sides from Sunshine's team to Suguru's team. It also shows a few clips from the Golden Mask saga and Ashuraman finally turning good and joining Suguru. Sunshine sheds a tear for the lost ally. He rants and raves some more until he wisps away as a sand cloud. Meat turning to speak to Mantaro, notices that he is gone.

Mantaro is off to find some more food, and ends up in a seafood restaurant. He runs up a 25000 yen ($255) tab and can't pay it. He is about to be turned over tot he police by the head waiter, when a stranger in a trench coat and hat (yup, you guessed it - Sunshine) offers to pay the bill.

Next we see Terry the Kid in the ring that he will be fighting in at noon, in a darkened arena. He shouts to Sunshine and the other two that he is ready and doesn't need to wait until noon.

Back to Mantaro and the stranger walking down an alley behind the restaurant. Mantaro explains how it is odd that a stranger would help him, but that he is indebted to him for his act of kindness. Sunshine reveals himself and puts Mantaro in a not too menacing one armed headlock and explains that he will gladly take him up on the favor issue.

End Episode 10

I wonder what the favor will be?


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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