Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 32

Air date: 09/14/2002


Scar Face is hurting from the back breaker that Mantaro gave him, mid air. Mantaro starts to get up, urging him to fight. Kevin Mask and Meat discuss Scar Face's back problems, and Kevin says that Mantaro opened an old wound that Scar Face got when he save Kevin Mask on the spike log. The wound heals up quick enough though. Mantaro is conversing with Meat, trying to come up with a reversal for the Swallowtail Attack. He tries charging Scar Faces back, head first, into the small of his back, like a spear, but it's like hitting a brick wall, and Mantaro falls flat. Scar face takes advantage and lands a couple of elbow drops to Mantaro's back, while he is prostrate, and then begins to elbow him furiously. This doesn't seem to bother Mantaro at all, as he ponders how he will pull a reversal against the Swallowtail. Scar Face launches for a Swallowtail and Mantaro launches, deflecting him. He tries spearing Scar Face's back with his head again, and falls flat, one more time. Scar Face grabs Mantaro's tuft of hair, and walks around the ring on the top rope (reminiscent of the Undertaker) and moves quickly to grab Mantaro's head with his thighs and slam him head first into the rock floor. This is called the Franken Steiner. Mantaro is down again, and Scar Face launches for another Swallowtail.

Coming down fast, he lands the Swallowtail Attack against Mantaro, who grimaces in extreme pain. He passes out and has a dream of his dad Kinnikuman Suguru, lecturing him about wrestling moves. We see some flashbacks of Suguru vs. Akuma Shogun, as Mantaro is told that he should utilize the edges of the ring to help himself, such as the ropes and posts. And also to be creative in his moves. Mantaro snaps to as Scar face sets him up for another Ultimate Scar Buster. He launches, but goes nowhere fast, as Mantaro has a firm grip on the corner post. Eventually, the force of Scar Face's launch takes over, and Mantaro is lifted out of the ring, still clutching the ring post. Up in the air, Scar Face places Mantaro in the Scar Buster, and starts to lock his head in with his legs, but as he does this, Mantaro slams him in between the legs with the iron post (OUCH!). This causes Scar Face to lose his grip, and Mantaro swings free while Scar Face is reeling.

Outside the ring, the legality of using the post that way is debated, and it is deemed 100% legal. Still in the air, Scar Face snaps out of his daze, and grabs for Mantaro to put him in the Scar Buster, but Mantaro leverages his way into a Kinniku-Buster. Scar face scoffs, saying that he can easily get out of it, but Mantaro has a surprise. He reverses Scar Face's position, so that he is facing backwards, not to the front, and lands a vicious reverse Kinniku-Buster. On impact, Scar Face's back wound re-opens. Mantaro charges Scar Face, but Scar Face slashes at him with a Swallowtail, sending him to the canvas. Mantaro is down, and starts to lose hope, because of Scar face's resilience. Rinko runs to the side of the ring and encourages Mantaro to fight on, giving the examples on Sieuchin, Terry, Jade and Gazelleman, who fought with everything they had. She also threatens to kick his butt if he doesn't get up. Renewed by the courage of his friends, Mantaro rises and powers up to Ultimate Muscle. He taunts Scar Face, and Scar Face charges him. Mantaro dodges the attack, and uses the leverage to launch Scar Face into the air. He then heaves backwards into the ropes, using them like a slingshot, to launch himself with great force. He spears Scar face in the back with such velocity, that when he hits Scar Face and drives him into the opposite ropes, Scar face is left with deep gouges in his face and thighs, where they hit the ropes. Scar Face falls to the canvas, pummeled.

Meat cheers on Mantaro for his victory, but it appears to be too soon, as Scar Face gets up and walks towards Mantaro. He says that Mantaro taught him something today, not about friendship, but that Mantaro never gives up. Scar Face says that he too will never give up, and will beat Mantaro, if it takes all eternity (in the Japanese version, he says that he learned how fun the good vs. evil fight was, and that it was a shame that he didn't have the strength to continue on). Then he passes out and falls to the canvas. Harabote (Vance McMadd) comes in to declare Mantaro victorious, and raises his hands in victory. On the next shot though, Harabote has a hold of Nakano San's arm. He wonders where Mantaro has taken off to, and they see him across the canvas, interviewing himself. In his self interview, he claims that it was the love of Rinko that kept him going. Rinko comes in and whacks him with a large wooden mallet, claiming tat he is embarrassing her on national TV. The awards ceremony begins, with Buffalo Man, Rikishiman and Jesse Maybia standing in the background as Harabote awards Mantaro. Mantaro talks of a vacation to a tropical island with lots of gorgeous females, and says that Rink and the other two girls can go too. The girls are incensed. But while Mantaro is drooling, Harabote informs him that he has only won the right to stay on Earth and fight for the Hercules Factory. Mantaro is pissed, and throttles Harabote, griping about his prize, but just them, Rinko appears over the balcony, aiming a bazooka at him. She fires and out launches Nakano San like a bullet, straight to the back of a fleeing Mantaro. He is knocked into the ropes, much the same as Scar Face was, and he lands with a serious case of rope burn on his face. Rinko tell Harabote that he better call security, because she is coming down to kick Mantaro's butt for being a jerk. Harabote starts to dial, but Meat tells him to let them go at it......


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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