Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 36

Air date: 09/14/2002


Mantaro is sad, as the Ninja falls into the bottomless pit. The Ninja's scarf blows in the wind and lands on Mantaro, who is standing next to the railing about 20 feet from the ring. Meat explains that it isn't just a scarf but a family heirloom, handed down from generation to generation. He says fate must've blown it to Mantaro. Mantaro wonders why, and Meat think it is to avenge the Ninja. Minch agrees, and uses a confusing analogy to show the same. Meanwhile, at the edge of the ring, Hanzou makes a comment to Mantaro and pull his blade, frightening Mantaro into fleeing. He is holed up inside a small house, cowering. Meat, Checkmate, Gazelleman, Rink and her girlfriends are all outside, trying to goad Mantaro into coming out and fighting. Minch advises them to stop, that Mantaro has to come up with the courage to fight, himself. Inside the house, Mantaro hears the voice of the Ninja. The Ninja apperrates, and Mantaro goes to grasp him, but passes through the ghostly image. Mantaro freaks out, thinking the Ninja is a ghost, but he explains that it is a Ninja technique. He explains to Mantaro that he will have to fight to avenge him, mentions something about this being the final match that will end the 1000 year feud between ninja and samurai, and that he has the legacy of his father Kinnikuman Suguru, to uphold. He will have to give up the cowardice to win though. It's got to be his choice though. He disappears.

Meat is outside, still trying to talk Mantaro out, but Gazelleman has a better idea. He is grilling salmon. The smoke should lure him out. Mantaro comes out, not from the guys attempts, but he emerges with lantern in hand and wearing the scarf. He is ready for battle. Ringside, Hanzou leans patiently against the side post, with his lantern in hand. Mantaro enters the venue, wearing traditional Japanese robes and playing a flute. The swooning geishas from the previous episode are there, front row, and exclaim their affection for Mantaro. Mantaro is lavishing the attention, but Rinko is going berserk with a jealous rage. Mantaro enters the ring, and pushes a button, causing the floor to drop out. A helicopter comes immediately and replaces it with a grass mat. Speculation abounds, and Gazelleman theorizes that it is because you can't walk on fresh grass. The girls tell him he is stupid and that's why he has lost all his match ups so far. Gazelleman thinks it was Nakano San, and begins to knee him in the gut repeatedly. In the ring, Mantaro and Hanzou watch in awe at Gazelleman's idiocy. They start the bout, and Mantaro flings of the robes.

Hanzou charges and disappears, reappearing to pummel Mantaro with solid hits. Mantaro ducks and grasps Hanzou. He walks him around, like you would move large furniture, this is known as the Insect Walker. He then wraps a leg around the back of Hanzou's knee and takes him down. Everyone wonders where Mantaro learned that ninja technique, and Minch explains that the Ninja is guiding Mantaro. Hanzou does a roundhouse sweep and knock Mantaro to the ground. He begins the Tatami Puppet, but it doesn't work. Mantaro explains that the Tatami can only work on inanimate objects, and since the grass is still alive, that it is null. Hanzou jumps and pins Mantaro down. Mantaro tries to reverse with a vise grip, but it doesn't affect Hanzou in the least. Hanzou phases out and Nakano San is replaced in Mantaro's grasp now. Hanzou is standing at the opposite side of the ring. He tosses out a piece of paper, which grows man sized, and Hanzou props himself up against it. He chants and the paper begins to fold around him, like a giant pinwheel. He starts the spin for his pinwheel attack.

Coming at Mantaro, he slices his mask. He tells Mantaro that he could have easily cut his face too, but that he wants it unharmed for his collection. Mantaro cowers and asks if he throws the match, can he keep his face. Hanzou explains that he wants Mantaro's powers that come along with the capture of his face. In the stands, Checkmate praises Mantaro for his cunning, thinking Mantaro is acting to bide time and gain the advantage. Meat says, no he is really cowering. Hanzou attacks with the pinwheel, and Mantaro dodges again, and again, sending Hanzou through the ring ropes, cutting them until only one rope remains intact. Mantaro huddles against a corner post, and Hanzou preps for the charge. Mantaro's scarf glows, and he hears the Ninja. He tells Mantaro to take his advice, and that he was the one helping him all along. Mantaro declines, but when he see Hanzou's ferocity, he accepts. The Ninja advises him to stay there until it is too late to dodge. Mantaro does, and when the Ninja tells him to go, he leaps upward, causing Hanzou to miss, and get wrapped around the post, ruining the pinwheel. He comes down and tosses Hanzou up for the Muscle Millennium, but everyone tells at him not to do it. Mantaro ignores the warnings, launching off the one remaining rope, and spearing Hanzou in the back, until he realizes that there are no ropes on the opposite side of the ring to finish the move. Hanzou uses this to his advantage, and reverses, kicking Mantaro over the edge. Mantaro grabs hold, just in time, and is dangling by one hand, to the edge of the mat.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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