Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 58

Air date: 09/14/2002


Picking up where last episode led us off.  Barrier Free Man's old man form was still packing the pounding slaps on the incapacitated Kid Muscle and the crowd watches in shock.  Terry Kenyon (munching on his favorite meal, a hamburger) knows the real story.  He knows what the famous wrestler, Slap Happy Hornhead knew.  Slaps may look weak, but they are powerful, especially taken in heavy doses.  When executed correctly, a fighter is paralyzed.  The secret to this weapon falls into bones at the bottom of the palm, also known as the "Hand Bone Basher."

Meat looks on helplessly as the kid gets pummeled.  His cries of encouragement go unnoticed, as the kid loses all feeling in his head.  A rumbling is felt in the Kid's bladder, he needs to use the rest room.  A realization comes to him.  His waist is fully functional.  With that he catapults the old man with his waist, flinging him out of the ring.  And since he is too weak to get up, he could be disqualified for a "ring out."  Barrier Free Man's elderly fans rush up asking if he needs help back into the ring.  The old man gets enraged and pushes an old lady aside.  But so as not to reveal his true feelings to the aged fans he suckered into the ring he blames the violent episode on his bad vision.  Roxanne, Trixie, and Kiki then ease the old man back on his feet and into the ring.  We find out one thing about this old man, he likes younger ladies, and Kid Muscle couldn't be more jealous.

Back in the ring, Barrier Free Man transforms to his base form, the blue humanoid and delivers a sharp High kick to Kid Muscle.   Then the friend of the elderly follows up by putting the kid into a slumber squeeze.  Barrier Free man want the Kid to know exactly how the elderly feel.  The exhaustion.  The chronic back pains.  The helplessness.  Nut that's when the kid retaliates by grabbing Barrier Free man at the legs, and putting him in an arm lock leg clasp.  Such a move goes in vain, as Barrier free Man busts out.  Fearing any more backlash from the Chojin, Kid Muscle puts his Can-Can dancing lessons to good use as he wallops him with his fast and furious footwork, rapid kicks. 

Ducking out of the way, Barrier Free man once again executes the Grandpolly morph, returning to the old man form.  It seems like an easy task to beat him now, so the Kid bounces off the ropes for a Slingshot Drop kick.  Unfortunately, that's when the old man's stomach opens up, forming the dreaded Lion's mouth.  The Kid goes flying off the ropes and into the gaping maw, causing his legs to become trapped.  Though the kid's friends suggest dancing around to escape the grasp, it's too late to do anything about it.  If the Kid thought his feet stunk before, he has to deal with "Old people smell" with a hint of moth balls.  Despite the vileness of the stench to the Kid, the younger female fans revel in it.  Now they can feel older, by smelling that way.  The old man shows off, as we found out from the previous incident, he is a very dirty old man, and loves the ladies. 

Barrier Free Man wants to finish the Kid off, but the old man doesn't want to transform when he has the Kid right where he wants him.  Now the Kid is forced to be in another hold, the "Over the Shoulder Back Crack."  The intense pain and suffering from the kid doesn't earn him any sympathy (unlike Mac Metaphor guessed).  The elderly fans seek blood lust, and want the kid to be torn in half right then and there.  Kid's friends remember how the Kid was treated at first, not having respect for the elders, and the beatings he gave the old man we clearly examples of Elder abuse.  Meat tries to Garnish support from the elderly fan focal point.  He assure them that the Kid fights only to win, and he disrespects everyone equally.  The fans do not like this and retaliate by throwing stuff at him as well. 

The old man soliloquizes about his nasty scheme.  He tricked Barrier Free man into buying all the tickets so the match would be one sided.  He wanted the old people to favor him and not Kid Muscle, and turn the favor of the match.  Meat then tries to tell the Kid to drown out all the nasty comments, like he drowns out Meat's speeches.  But to no avail.  Barrier Free Man wants to finish the Kid off again, but the old man refuses.  Against his wishes, he returns to his base form again anyway.  The Kid is still in the back Crack hold, only much more intense.  Terry stuffs his face and realizes the hold isn't as strong as before.  Only the Old man could perform the Lion's Mouth foot hold, so Terry points out that the Kid's feet are free.  The Kid's legs bound off the blue man, and he flips himself out of the hold, and bolts a double legged kick into Barrier Free Man's back.

As soon as the opportunity arises for the kid to catch his breath, Barrier Free man charges at the Kid in anticipation for another move.  The kid then trips Barrier Free man at the legs with a fast kick.  But then an argument ensues between barrier Free man and his old man counterpart.  The Old man insists that they would have won if the Blue fool didn't get in his way.  His insults are discouraging, surely Barrier Free man would be nothing without the old man's help.  Haunted by the image of the event that led him to where he was, Barrier Free man has a nervous break down, and then comes clean by telling his whole sordid tale.

Barrier Free man's name is really Nills.  He was a nurse who worked at a retirement community.  He loved helping the less fortunate and the helpless residents.  However, he was disgusted by all the obstacles and barriers the elderly had, the stairs, the stiff seats, and the horrid food.  He realized then and there he needed to do something.  He did everything he could, but wanted to do still more.  So he realized the only way to help the others was to be a role model for the young and a hero to the old.  Indeed he decided to become a wrestler.  The shocking truth came to him quickly.  He wasn't any good.  He wasn't even the 9th best fighter.  Disillusioned, he took a walk in the woods, collecting fire wood.  He started to cry.  As his dreams of helping the elderly faded, he heard the cackling voice of an old man.  And old man growing out of a branch of the tree directly behind him.  The old man was told of Nills' plight, and assured him that he could help.  The old man then absorbed himself into the body of
The old man struggles for superiority, causing Barrier Free man to step down, and let the old man do all the work.  As Dik Dik, Wally and Terry look on, they can only reply that if you're going to be stuck to someone, at least make sure you get along (perhaps starting with a trial run).  Ringside, an old woman offers a handkerchief to the two headed dislike minded Chojin.  That's the reason Barrier Free man Is fighting, and calls off stepping down.  But a horrible scene takes place as the old man violently slaps the elderly fan aside, and replies "I hate old people!"  Barrier Free man breaks down and cries once again, as the inner conflict will never be won.  The intense power struggle intensifies as the episode comes to a close.


Synopsis written by: Dr. Tooth

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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