Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 52

Air date: 09/14/2002


There is noise of fighting in the the background as we see a pair of boots standing on a swing, rocking slowly back and forth. The camera pans to Checkmate holding an upright punching bag for Terry the Kid, and then to Jade (Jaeger) and Sieuchin (Wally Tusket) sparring in the ring in Meat's yard. Jade is taunting Sieuchin, saying that all his blubber slows him down, Sieuchin responds and charges Jade, who puts him in a headlock and slams his head down onto the canvas. Sieuchin presses off, sending Jade flying to the other side of the ring. Jade charges and we cut to Terry punching the bag and Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik) doing sit-ups while Meat holds his feet. Meat is narrating and mentions that everyone is training for the Chojin Crown Finals, everyone but Mantaro (Kid Muscle) who is probably still snoozing. Meat wanders over to the swings to see if Mantaro is there, but encounters Kevin Mask, standing on one of the swing seats. The guys notice him as well, and Jade makes a remark about them all being a team. Kevin corrects him and let's him know that he is part of a team, a team of one, notably, himself. Jade challenges him to a friendly spar, but Kevin declines, saying he is not a friend, he is an opponent, and then he insults Jade's skill. Jade tells him to put his muscles where his mouth is. With that, Kevin leaps of the swing, landing on the ropes opposite Jade, and they leap at each other. Jade kicks, but Kevin catches his leg. Jade spins free and they charge again legs extended for a nasty kick. Just before they connect though, Mantaro leaps into the ring, forearms raised, and blocks both kicks. Jade is stunned that he blocked their kicks so easily, but Kevin is shocked for another reason. Mantaro is wearing only his gloves and a pair of blue striped boxers with a pink elephant on the crotch. We are given a close up of the elephant insignia on a squatting Mantaro, and in the background, at ringside, Checkmate, Terry and Gazelleman realize what is about to happen. With that Mantaro lets out a cloud of yellow stench and then stands proudly making conversation. Just then a helicopter comes into view with a hottie standing on a dangling ladder. Mantaro goes gaga as she nears and she asks for directions to Budokan stadium (where the Chojin Crown Finals are located). Mantaro is overtaken with infatuation and trying to show off, he gives her bad directions. Meat tells him that the directions are wrong, and Mantaro replies, "It sounded good!" The gorgeous redhead flies off and Mantaro laments that he will never see her again. Later that night, in the hut, Meat wonders when the Chojin Crown will start up again, and where their invitation is. Mantaro is busy shoveling rice into his mouth. The next morning we see Terry the Kid holding the punching bag as Jade is in his final day of preparation for the finals. Again, that night, while Mantaro is shoveling food into his craw, Meat ponders their missing invitation. Break to day, Kevin Mask is doing upright push ups on one finger, and gloating about himself. Another night passes, and we are treated to a shot of Meat and Mantaro sitting at the table, while Mantaro busies himself with his food. At morning break, Mantaro is still heaping the food into his gaping orifice when Meat tells him that he must have "Mad Cow Chow Disease". Mantaro, hearing cow, breaks into his cow song. After the song and dance, Mantaro asks Meat if he thinks the red-head really has the hots for him, and if he thinks she can cook Gyuudon (cow and rice). Meat gets up while Mantaro is blubbering on and goes for the TV set. Mantaro is upset that Meat turned on the TV mid-conversation, but they are quickly waylaid when they Ikemen on the tube, announcing the Chojin Crown Finals. Ikemen announces that the finalists have all just arrived, and that the tournament will resume that same afternoon. Meat and Mantaro are shocked, as well as Tamaki (Trixie), Keiko (Kiki) and Rinko (Roxanne) who somehow managed to materialize in the small hut.

Meat wonders how they can start without Mantaro, who is busy making googly eyes at Rinko. It runs out that it isn't Rinko he is ogling, but the red haired hottie on the TV. The same one who came by asking for directions a few days prior. Ikemen's mug appears on the screen as he announces the pairings for the 12 finalists will take place in two hours. Meat groans and Mantaro exclaims that they are 3 hours away. The girls are perplexed. At the stadium, Ikemen and Harabote (Vance McMadd) scheme about how they are going to disqualify Mantaro, but Ikemen explains that he "forgot" to mail off the invitation. They laugh at their scheme. Meanwhile, Mantaro and Meat race towards the stadium on foot. Back at the venue, Yoshigai (Mac Metaphor) explains that since there are twelve finalists, there will be four first round matches and the remaining four finalists will get a buy into the second round. Ikemen explains how they will administer the lottery to see who gets a buy and who goes into a match-up. We see 12 giant pin-balls rise up from the stage and Ikemen pushes a button to reveal a giant pin ball machine. Checkmate, Sieuchin and the others wonder what is taking Meat and Mantaro so long. Checkmate asks what mode of transportation they were taking. We cut to Mantaro and Meat in a field with horses. Mantaro approaches a horse to ride but gets booted into the stratosphere. At Budokan Stadium, the guys contemplate that Ikemen may have schemed to keep Mantaro out of the contest. And speaking on Ikemen, he is busy explaining that in each of the giant pin-balls, there is one of the twelve finalists. He gleefully recalls to himself that there is one empty pinball, Kinniku Mantaro's! Meat and Mantaro are still running towards the venue, as Ikemen hits another red button, causing large robotic arms to come out, grab the pin-balls and drop them into a large funnel, to load them into the pinball machine. As the balls load, Ikemen and Harabote rejoice that their scheme worked and that Mantaro is going to be disqualified for being late. The balls are launched into play as the giant hand of one of the robotic arms, pulls the pinball plunger back to launch each ball. Nakano san (Doc Nakano) announces that they have just received bad news. Mantaro is not inside his ball. Unless he shows up right now, he faces disqualification. At that same moment Meat and Mantaro arrive at the front gates of the stadium. Inside the venue, the pinball machine is going crazy with all the balls ricocheting back and forth in the machine. The flippers and bumpers keep deflecting the balls, and we are again reminded that there are wrestlers in each ball. The balls start to fall into the bracket slots and we are down to three slots left, only one of which is a buy slot. As a ball nears the last buy slot, it is revealed that Kevin Mask is inside. Kevin kicks hard at the ball, to alter it's path to avoid the buy slot, instead landing in a first round slot. The viewers are perplexed. Terry says that it has to be Kevin, and Gazelleman says that the ego-maniac wants t prove he can win without a first round pass. Sieuchin notes that it has only been done by two champions, to which Checkmate replies that it was Kinnikuman Suguru and Kevin Mask's father, Robin Mask. The last two balls are in play and the girls wonder where Mantaro is. Tamaki and Keiko wonder why Mantaro is always late, but Rinko tells them that this time, it isn't his fault. Meat and Mantaro bust into the inside of the stadium, and the crown is pleased to see them. Ikemen and Harabote are shocked to see him, but with a devious grin, Ikemen says that it's too bad he's too late.

Rinko shouts to Mantaro to get into the funnel. Tamaki asks how he'll get in, and Rinko says that she'll be sorry she asked. With that, everyone takes cover, as Mantaro farts and shoots up into the funnel. Mantaro is placed before the plunger and launched into the game, where he is bounced off the bumpers, but without the protection of the pinball encasing. Harabote berates Ikemen for failing to keep Mantaro out, but Ikemen says that he has it under control. Mantaro slides for the last buy slot, but Ikemen pulls out a remote control and one of the pin-balls halts and redirects towards Mantaro, knocking him into the side and smashing him repeatedly. Ikemen beams with evil pleasure as Mantaro is pummeled. Rinko yells out to use the power of Ultimate Muscle. Mantaro pushes off, shooting the ball back, but Ikemen uses the remote to redirect it again. As it approaches him, he drops a solid heel on it, shattering it and revealing the remote unit inside. He again slides towards the last buy slot, but is bumped out of the way and into the first round slot by the last pinball. Well, at least he is still in the tournament, Nakano exclaims. The slots are matched up as Mantaro sits in his hole, picking his nose. Ikemen tells him that he is on national TV and Mantaro perturbedly yells back that he missed lunch. Mantaro takes off to go find a bite to eat and a place to nap. He is sneaking around the corridors when he hears a sensuous female voice coming from a room (Ikemen's dressing room). He opens the door to reveal the red head that he is so enamored by. Mantaro is coming on strong, when Ikemen bursts in. He is flabbergasted to see Jacqueline and Mantaro there. He tells Mantaro to leave and Mantaro fires back. He asks Jacqueline if that is her boyfriend. She laughs and explains that he is her brother. Mantaro says that there must be some mistake. She is gorgeous and Ikemen is ugly. Ikemen reflects to himself that he has always been unfavorably compared to his sister. She is attractive, he is dog-ugly. Ikemen tells Mantaro to stay away from his sister, but Mantaro tells him to bugger off and returns his attention to the lovely lady. He invites her to his match, and she accepts. He says he'll make sure to put on a good show for her. She says that once he is done dismantling his opponent, that they can go on a date. Mantaro is infatuated, making his trademark oogly heart eyes at her. Ikemen is pissed and we fade out.

Fireworks explode as the first match is slated to begin. The first contestants arrive by diving head first from small airplanes, landing on their feet in the ring. The first wrestler is a personal photo booth named Photo-Pat. His/her opponent is a huge wrestler with a three horned helmet (similar to a beetle), D-Struction! At the second ring area, it is all but deserted. The first opponent, hailing from Brazil, is Ricardo. A slim wrestler wearing a bunch of sports pads and a space helmet. His opponent, a walking high rise, is Sly-Scraper. Amazingly, Terry the kid is the corner man for Sly-Scraper. Mantaro greets Terry, but he is ignored. Meat explains that Terry is focusing solely on helping Sly-Scraper win this bout. Ikemen rings the bell to begin and we fade out to next week.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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