Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 26

Air date: 09/14/2002


Mantaro kicks the lends again, this time shattering it, but Crione Man uses the shards of glass, which have now morphed into sharp sea shells, as projectiles, and pummels Mantaro with a barrage of flying spears! He then morphs to a huge jelly fish and uses his tentacles to slap the hell out of him. He morphs back to his regular form and slams Mantaro to the canvas under his thighs. Rinko, seeing enough, grabs Nakano San's microphone and cheers on Mantaro over the loud speakers. She encourages him to fight for his friends and his honor. Crione laughs at her attempt and suplexes Mantaro into the ocean, where he sinks again. Crione Man rises into the air and begins to suck in a vast amount of air, while Mantaro, sinking farther, is rescued by the octopi, who swim him towards the surface. Crione releases his gust of air and freezes the ocean surface, and Mantaro is seen busting through, encased in ice.

Crione sucks in the frozen Mantaro into his body again, as Mantaro sinks this time into unconsciousness. He dreams of Sieuchin as an angel coming to get him, and is suddenly awakened. He realizes that the voice WAS Sieuchin who is sitting ringside in his wheelchair. Terry the Kid is there in crutches as is Gazelleman still bandaged up. They cheer on Mantaro. Mantaro, now beginning to suffocate, tries to escape, but Crione Man pops out the rib cage and traps him inside.

As Mantaro is trapped inside, the crowd seems to think he is done for, but suddenly there appears a dark liquid streaming inside of his body. Next we see the octopi climbing out of Mantaro's outfit. Soon Crione's entire torso is black with ink, and he decides to hurry up and finish it off with the XYZ Crash. As Crione launches, Rinko grabs the mic again and encourages Mantaro to fight on! As Crione Man begins his decent, Mantaro powers up and breaks off a rib, using it to stab a hole in Crione, big enough to get his arms out. He reaches out and grabs the post, suspending them. AS they drop to the ring, Mantaro still encased in Crione, Meat and the other wonder why Crione was in such a rush to do the XYZ move. It is noticed that the octopus ink is revealing his organs, and that is why he wanted to finish Mantaro so quick, before his organs got noticed and pummeled.

Suddenly a tropical storm appears and Sieuchin and the other begin to chant "Mantaro, Mantaro" (Kid Muscle, Kid Muscle). Soon the entire audience is cheering him on. Jade asks Brocken if the cheers really help, and Brocken explains that the power of friendship is the one of the greatest powers. Mantaro powers up and begins to strain against the confines of the rib cage. Jade, harkening Brocken's word, and wanting to help Crione Man, rushes to the edge of the water and begins to cheer his compatriot on! Crione tells him to stop making a fool of himself, that he needs no help. He launches another XYZ Crash But Mantaro breaks free. Crione lands with a thud, with a gaping hole in his midsection. Mantaro sets up for a move we haven't seen yet, called the YOA move or alphabet soup, and lands powerfully, winning the match. He exclaims that he won because of the power of friendship!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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