Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 23

Air date: 09/14/2002


Scar Face (Eskara) whips out a rope and hog ties Terry the Kid. The announcers and Harabote (Vince McMadd) exclaim that this is cheating. Jade (Jaeger) explains that Scar Face never had any affection for the rules and even slept through the course. Meat says this sounds familiar (speaking of Mantaro) Harabote and another character rush into the ring to stop the infraction. Terry says to let him be, that he will beat Scar Face even though he is a cheater. Terry spins loose of the ropes and lands an attack on Scar Face, who is knocked back. Terry the Kid is loose and raring to go!

Terry attacks with anther spin kick, but Scar Face catches his leg and performs a reverse suplex on him. Scar Face puts Terry into a painful head lock, but Terry reverses it into a scissor leg lock. Scar Face begins to punch at Terry, but Terry blocks every blow. Jade yells out for Scar Face to use his punches strategically, not in a barrage attack, but Scar Face tells him to bugger off. Scar Face punches again, but Terry catches his fist and changes from his scissor hold to a full body lock on Scar Face's arm. After a few moments, Scar Face slams Terry (still locked on his arm) onto his knee for a back breaker. Terry, in pain, is still unrelenting. Scar Face rams his back into the post. Terry falls to the mat. Jade tells Scar Face to stop, he has won. But Scar face says he is not through, he is going to decimate Terry the Kid. He tosses off his hat to reveal a metal plate on the side of his head. Kevin mask has a flashback, and finds Scar Face very familiar. Scar face grabs Terry and launches up for a pile driver, but Terry lands on his hands and stops the move. He topples Scar Face and reverses the hold into a tornado twist. Scar Face seems to be in no pain and his leg shatters like broken clay. Terry is bewildered, but Scar Face explains the leg was fake, as is most of his body. He removes his shirt to show more metal plates all over his torso. Terry punches his face, but his face slides to the side as if it were a mask. Scar Face then begins to morph into his true form.

Scar Face's true form is revealed, and Kevin Mask explains that Terry is doomed. Jade is puzzled at the transformation, and Scar Face says he needed the disguise to get where he is now. Scar face attacks with a flurry of punches but Terry reverses the attack into a Texas Calf branding hold. Scar face nonchalantly escapes and performs the same move on Terry, but holding both arms instead of one as he drives him into the canvas. He calls it the Buffalo Brander. He insults Terry and tells him that he will never be half the man his father was, and that he is a disgrace to the Terry family name. He reminds Terry that much more punishment is about to come, and Terry is petrified with fear. Mantaro runs to help Terry, but trips over the balcony and falls to the floor below. Scar face rushes at terry.

As Scar Face rushes at Terry, Terry stoops and does a leg sweep to drop the big man. He does the Spinning Toe Hold on Scar face, but again, Scar Face is undaunted and reverses it into a doubly powerful move, using both of Terry's legs instead of one for the maximum effect. Mantaro is climbing up the hand to help and finally gets to the ring. A he does, he sees Scar face launch into the air with Terry for a Kinniku Driver. He adds a modification to this also, as he locks his legs around Terry's head to increase the effect. He calls this the Ultimate Scar Buster. Meat explains that the only flaw in the Kinniku Buster was the fact that the victim could wiggle his head out of the hold and get free, but that Scar Face has solved this problem and perfected the move. Scar face lands the move and it looks as if a small nuclear device has been set off. Terry is demolished and Scar Face is declared the victor. Meat turns to ask Kevin to explain what he knows about Scar Face, but Kevin is gone. Terry is in great pain, and we see Mantaro howling as the episode ends.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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