Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 13

Air date: 09/14/2002


The episode opens as Sunshine's combination with the Nightmare member gives birth to Checkmate, who bursts from Sunshine's midsection. Mantaro wonders what "checkmate" means, and Nanako-san gives a quick description of how chess is played. Gazelleman wonders if this is the same checkmate who beat Gorgeous man in a fair fight. Checkmate explains that he is one and the same. Gazelleman extends his hand to Checkmate for a handshake, who is reluctant at first, grabs it and subsequently begins to twist and crush it, until Gazelleman is on his knees. Before Checkmate can cause any permanent injury though, Terry does a whirlwind kick (Chun Li anyone?) to Checkmate's chest and knocks him back. Checkmate then morphs into his knight form (horse) and pounds terry with a flurry of hoof kicks and finally lands a powerful one in the head and knocks Terry into the cage.
Checkmate calls out Mantaro next. Mantaro is so scared that he pisses himself and runs out of the arena. Sunshine says that it is no worry, because Mantaro's vanity will draw him to fight.

Mantaro is seen in a crowded place and becomes interested in a wrestler popularity contest on TV where fans vote for their favorite. The results are shown as follow:

1. Terry the Kid
2. Kevin Mask
3. Gazelleman (Dik Dik Van Dik)
4. Max Man (Pumpinator)
5. Sunshine
6. Rex King (Tyrannoclaw)
7. Sieuchin (Wally Tusket)
8. Tel Tel Boy (Dialbolic)

A last minute entry gives Mantaro 1 vote. Mantaro is still stewing over this, when all of the sudden, Checkmates moves to first place on the board! Mantaro is jealous and asks a few girls their opinion on Checkmate. He asks what would happen if someone beats him, and they swoon over the idea and pledge devotion to the victor, which gives Mantaro inspiration (though misguided) to battle Checkmate.

At the memorabilia stands in the arena corridors, Checkmate's stuff is selling like crazy, while Gazelleman and Sieuchin sit at a deserted Mantaro memorabilia table. The popularity of Checkmate and Mantaro are higly contrasted.

They enter the arena to find that Mantaro is going to fight Checkmate. Inside the ring is Checkmate, awaiting Mantaro. The floor of the ring is simlar to the checkerboard on a chess board. Checkmate tosses out a crown to a female fan and gets a huge applause. Mantaro enters in a checkmate mock up costume,
tosses a charm to a female in the audience, but unwittingly knocks her out. The crowd is very upset, and Mantaro gets mobbed and beat down by angry fans.
In the ring, Mantaro starts his barrage with a backflip kick and then puts check into a backbreaker submission move. The crowd is in awe. Meat is in awe also, and wonders where the extra gumption is coming from. He doesn't realize that it's Mantaro's vanity that is giving him the courage.
He keeps the submission hold for over 20 minutes, which bumps him into 5th place in the popularity contest. Meat then realizes Mantaro's reasons for courage. Checkmate dislocates his knee joints to get free and double knees Mantaro in the face. It is explained that Checkmate doesn't know pain or feel it. Mantaro and the crew assume that if he doesn't acknowledge pain, he cant lose.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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