Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 74

Air date: 09/14/2002


"Kevin's wearing that mask because it's been in his family for generations! It's the same one that his father wore when he won the Chojin Crown, and when he lost it to King Muscle." Meat exclaims from his hospital bed to open this episode.
"Finally. That cracking of Kevin's mask was the wakeup call we have all been waiting for." says Jacqueline's breasts of which the camera has focused upon, with her brother and father in the background. Jacqueline herself continues, "Not even an injury would've made Kevin as angry. That's because that gash was an injury against his pride. The sleeping tiger just woke up."
"I was uncertain about my desire to win until you cleared away my confusion. You'll pay, Kid Muscle. You'll pay dearly for how you and your father has scarred the Mask Family Name." sneers Kevin Mask.
"It's just a crack! You can hardly see it." Kid Muscle whines.
"Hmm. I think you're missing Kevin's point, Kid." El-Nino states to Kid Muscle. "Maybe you should apologize."
Kevin declares loudly, "Rest assured the damage you've caused to this mask is nothing compared to the damage that's coming your way. You be the judge." Kevin Mask then vaults off the top rope, launching a fist towards Kid Muscle's jowls. Kid Muscle quickly grabs Kevin Mask's arm and throws him to the ground.
"You love your father, you hate your father." Kid Muscle puzzles. "Which is it? Make up your mind already, 'cause you're making me crazy-- and You're Making Me MAD, over a dumb little mask. Maybe I'll crack it wide open!"
"YAAH! Now YOU'RE scaring me!" El-Nino gasps. Kid Muscle gains the power of Ultimate Muscle and begins a gigantic barrage of punches directly to the top of Kevin's helm.
"Time to pump it up! This is the Chojin crown finals-- I want to see some mayhem!" Jacqueline exclaims.
Flash thinks to himself, "This is not quite the start I had in mind, Kevin being pummeled like a punching bag by the inferior Kid Muscle. It's time to fight back."
"It might look like Kid's winning, but Kevin is in control." Meat tells his hospital room TV. "He's just biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike back... you can see it in his eyes-- he's holding back!"
"What are you waiting for, Kevin?" Lord Flash yells.
"I hope these punches are to your liking," Kid Muscle tells Kevin Mask. "Fast, Hard, and right to your mask."
"Punches?" inquires Kevin Mask. "I thought you were fanning my face with your arms!"
"Then get ready for a big gust of wind!" Kid Muscle exclaims, drawing back for a haymaker. Kevin Mask dodges the last blow, twisting his right spike into the position formerly occupied by his head. Kid Muscle shrieks in pain as the bottom of his fist grazes the top of the sharpened point. Kevin Mask jumps up and attempts a dropkick, which would've succeeded if El-Nino had not at that moment yelled "Listen Kid! Muscle Curtain!" As events occur, the Muscle Curtain blocks the dropkick, and allows Kid Muscle to catch Kevin Mask's feet, placing him into a Giant Swing; The swing is promptly pre-empted into a submission pose by Kevin.
"Twist your body Left, Kid! To Your Left, not your RIGHT!" advises El-Nino.
"Kevin Mask and Kid Muscle are just as evenly matched as their fathers were in their Chojin Crown finals." Doc tells the crowd in general.
"What are those sportscasters speaking about?" Meat asks his hospital's TV. "I've never seen Kid Muscle work so hard to get nowhere. Now he's getting tired. This doesn't look good to me, not at all."
Kid Muscle reflects on his previous matches, and how his previous opponents were putty in his hands once his power of Ultimate Muscle was achieved, and stands dumbfounded and disillusioned as an image of Robin Mask appears to hover above Kevin Mask in his vision.
"Now I understand what you've been up to, Kevin." Lord Flash tells Kevin Mask. "You've been channeling Robin Mask's composure and energy to boost your own Maelstrom Power. You are your father's son after all!"
"Yes," replies Kevin Mask. "I am."
Kevin Mask flashes back to when he received his father's playbook, and when he was shocked by the photograph of O.L.A.P.. Kid Muscle gets a little peptalk from El-Nino, and El-Nino pleads with Kid to not make him look bad to his kids. The crowd cheers for Kid Muscle, and Kid Muscle charges towards Kevin Mask with a clothesline... but Kevin catches Kid Muscle's arm and attempts to reverse the move-- but Kid Muscle walks up the ring ropes to stop the reversal, but cowers breathily on the mat afterwards, unable to take advantage of it. Kevin Mask attempts to tackle Kid Muscle, but Kid Muscle rams Kevin Mask in his stomach with his head. Kid Muscle launches Kevin to his shoulders and himself into the air. Kid Muscle separates Kevin's legs and grabs his ankles, then places his feet in Kevin's armpits, hurling insults to Kevin in the process.
"It was just a matter of time before Kid and Kevin Mask began using their signature attacks that are known around the world!" exclaims Mac Metaphor.
"Come On..." Lord Flash thinks to himself.
Kevin tells Kid Muscle "My family has a saying. 'What's good enough is never good enough.'" Kevin Mask wraps his arms around Kid Muscle's legs.
"Kid! It's a trick! Don't change anything, no matter what! Your attack will still work!" El-Nino tells Kid Muscle.
Kevin then yanks his ankles away from Kid Muscle's grip and wraps his legs around Kid Muscle's face, turning Kid Muscle's head towards the canvas.
"It's one of Robin Mask's famous reversals!" Meat says.
The whole audience is aghast. "I've never felt so much power," Lord Flash says as Kevin Mask's hand alights with Maelstrom. "Good Show!"
Kid once again describes step-by-step another of his moves, the reverse Kinniku Buster, complete with insults towards Kevin Mask. Kevin simply pulls a Mars-esque escape, then puts Kid Muscle into a flying suplex. Kevin then performs a mini-Muscle Millennium on Kid Muscle before putting Kid Muscle into the Tower Bridge.
"I'm surprised that Kevin is using his father's move." Meat says, "especially since he made a point of hating him so long."
"It's Lord Flash that's convinced Kevin use his father's moves" Roxanne says. "If only to win this match!"
Kevin flashes back to his training sessions while he attempted to master O.L.A.P.. Kevin is having trouble with the move, and Lord Flash tells Kevin that the reason his father lost the last Chojin Crown was because he didn't master O.L.A.P..
Back to the match, El-Nino yells to Kid Muscle, "Hey! Kid Muscle! Don't hang there like a piƱata! Break his attack!"
"Good Point." Kid Muscle replies. "I'm Outta Here!" he exclaims as he pushes Kevin Mask's hand away from his throat.
Kid Muscle performs the Muscle Curtain, but Lord Flash tells Kevin "Don't be fooled by the Muscle Curtain. It's an illusion-- a smokescreen! See it for what it is and you'll see your way around it." Kevin analyzes the Muscle Curtain, and notices the space between Kid's arms. Kevin launches himself into the ropes and begins spinning, announcing "Chojin Drill, Mach Pulverizer!" and vaults into the space between Kid Muscle's arms. Kevin spins on Kid Muscle's chin after his guard is breeched.
"I taught him well," Lord Flash thinks. "Even I couldn't compete with that flawless execution."
"How did Kevin Mask learn that attack, anyway?" inquires Ramen Man to himself as he flashes back to his match with Warsman. "That move was only used by one wrestler in the Muscle League-- no one else was cruel enough to try it!"
Kid Muscle, pummeled, falls, and Kevin Mask loses control of the Mach Pulverizer, soaring directly towards Ramen Man. Lord Flash vaults into the way of the attack, getting the upper left corner of his helmet shredded.
"Ramen Myen! Stop Him!" yells Buffalo Man, and Ramen Mask pushes Kevin off of Flash to the ground.
"Lord Flash, I must thank you for being so courageous. You saved my life."
"I meant no harm!" exclaims Kevin Mask. "I don't know what went wrong! Are you alright?"
"I'm fine," Lord Flash replies to Kevin, as we see that under his mask is darkness... and a small yellow underline tracing a line around his eyes. "Kevin."
"Did you leave to protect Ramen Man, or to protect Kevin from being disqualified? If Kevin had assaulted anyone other than Kid Muscle, he would be immediately disqualified." Jacqueline yells to Lord Flash. "and we'd name Kid Muscle the winner of the Chojin Crown... however, Lord Flash, your interference may cause the same result."
"You're wrong on both accounts, Ms. McMadd," Lord Flash replies. "I was on my way to pick up this," Lord flash gestures towards a towel on the ground.
"A surrender towel!?"
"Yes. When I noticed it had fallen, I wanted to make sure nobody made the mistake of thinking Kevin had thrown it down deliberately." Lord Flash says, wrapping the towel around his revealed underbody. "Now it's high time we resumed the tournament."
Meat, grabbing his TV., exclaims "Ohhwww!... are they kidding? Who in the name of Numskulls would believe a word Lord Flash says? If he's who I think he is, we've got one mean Chojin on our hands. NOW I get it. Why did it take so long to figure it out? Lord Flash IS that bloodthirsty Chojin. There's no other way Kevin could've learned the Mach Pulverizer! IF that's the case, then Kid is in bigger trouble than ever before. In the hands of that ruthless Chojin, Kevin Mask could've become a monster! I gotta go and warn Kid!" Meat rolls out of the bed onto the floor.
Kid muscle decides that he only has one chance, as Kevin has defeated the Kinniku dynasty's techniques. Kid decides that it's either the Muscle Millennium or the next flight back to Muscle Planet.
"Enuff of your waiting, Kid!" yells El-Nino. "This match won't be won by who has more power, but who belives in himself! Right now, it looks like you're the loser, comprende?"
"Mind over matter, huh? How about this plan: a little more self confidence and a little Muscle Millennium to seal the deal?" Kid responds to El Nino.
"Are you LOCO? Do you not remember how Lord Flash was training Kevin to get ready for this match? Think about it kid. Their objective newmero uno was to figure how how to break your beloved Muscle Millennium. Don't belive me? Remember what Kevin Mask has done in every match-- he's broken the fighter's signature attack, including Comrade Turbinski in the Sky-cube ring where Turbinski had the advantage. Don't forget-- Kevin has broken three of your attacks, so you can't be sure about your Muscle Millennium."
"Kevin! Kid Muscle is on the verge of falling apart! Now is the time to focus your attack!" Lord Flash yells to Kevin Mask.
"I always give it my all!" replies Kevin Mask, putting himself into another Mach Pulverizer.
"Time to suck my thumb!" thinks Kid Muscle.
"Why don't you go back home to MOMMY!?" Kevin asks Kid Muscle, forcing his way through he Muscle Curtain and twisting thru the outer covering of Kid Muscle's mask.
"Look out, Kid! He's trying to rip your mask right off of your face! I don't know if anyone's told you, Kid, I'm worried I was suppose to and forgot... but if that mask comes off of your face, you're through. no more wrestling for you, ever. Wait, why am I telling this to a TV?!"
Kid Muscle flashes back to when he was masked. His father tells him that he should never have his mask removed or torn off, or there will be no more wrestling for him. "Big deal," the child Kid Muscle responds.
"Let's do this, 'cause I'm not hanging up my wrestling tights! Come near this mask again," Kid Muscle yells to Kevin Mask as Kevin spins once again in a Mach Pulverizer, "and you'll be sorry I had Cow and Rice for lunch!" Kid exclaims as he vaults on top of Kevin in his Mach Pulverizer, directing Kevin's attack towards the corner of the ring, smashing Kevin's head into a corner post.

Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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