Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 8

Air date: 09/14/2002


Max Man (Pumpinator) is in the ring, ready to finish off Mantaro, when Kevin Mask interrupts and belittle him for being a coward and self centered, and tells him he will get more respect if he fights Mantaro when he is at full strength, rather than taking advantage of his weakened condition. Max Man agrees to a one hour rest for Mantaro.

In the mean time Mantaro is laid out on 3 front row seats resting under a blanket, next to the beef guidon. Throughout the episode, Mantaro is seen sneaking the bowls to eat.

Max Man, in his impatience decides to make short work of a Hercules Factory graduate while he waits for Mantaro to rest. He will fight number one, which is Gazelleman, but since the DMP already beat the hell out of him, he will take number two. Terry the Kid agrees, but Max Man notes that Sieuchin is number two, and Terry is number three. Sieuchin gets into the ring and begins to beat the hell out of Max Man. Meat notices that Max Man looks really familiar. After a few brutal moves, Sieuchin is about to lay a massive kick on Max Man when he asks for a break to catch his breath. Sieuchin, the nice guy that he is, agrees to give him a quick moment, but it turns out to be a ploy by Max Man, who begins a vicious attack on Sieuchin. Morphing into the shoe, Max Man demolishes Sieuchin, and eventually plants a nasty suplex on him, driving him head first into the canvas. Max Man claims victory, as Sieuchin is sticking feet up, head buried in the canvas. Sieuchin recovers and asks him if that was his best. Max Man then uses his most brutal move on Sieuchin to finish him off. He launches Sieuchin into the air, and in the shoe form, he drives Sieuchin into the matt, toe planted firmly in him mid section. Sieuchin is finished and is removed on a stretcher. As he is taken out of the arena, Sieuchin asks if Mantaro saw that last move. Meat and the other say that Mantaro is out cold and couldn't have seen it, but Sieuchin says that Mantaro has been awake the whole time, eating the rice bowls. Meat immediately yanks off the blanket and berates Mantaro for sitting around while Sieuchin got the crap kicked out of him, and for eating all the food too. Mantaro goes to Sieuchin's side and finds out that after the suplex, he was finished, but that he took the brunt of the most devastating move, so that Mantaro would realize what he had coming. As Sieuchin is carted off, his bandana falls to the ground. Mantaro picks this up, encouraged by Sieuchin's selflessness, he vows revenge. Max Man says he has thirty minutes left, but Mantaro refuses the extra time and immediately goes to the back to prepare for the match. The three girls (including Rinko) sneak into the back and get a glimpse of Mantaro condition himself. Meat catches the girls and gives them the boot. He then sees Mantaro and is very proud.

Mantaro emerges from the back and walks down the aisle gloriously, with Sieuchin's headband on. He enters the ring and begins to beat the hell out of Max Man. Max Man takes the last blows with ease and it is explained that he is resistant to blows, because of his shoe like resilience. Mantaro then applies some submission holds to him. Meat realizes why Max Man is familiar, he is the grandson of Snigator. Flashbacks show Snigator in a couple of his forms, including the hand! Max Man breaks free and morphs into the Shoe and does some damage to Mantaro, including a nasty pile driver into the matt. Mantaro looks down for the count, and the episode ends as we see the translucent form of Snigator enveloping the ring!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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