Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 6

Air date: 09/14/2002


This episode opens with Tel Tel Boy (Dialbolic) in the ring waiting for Mantaro to show. We see Gazelleman, The Adams, Terry the Kid and Sieuchin all in the front row, putting on Mantaro's lame t-shirts to show support. Mantaro finally enters accompanied by Meat. He is wearing one of his shirts and both Meat and himself have moose heads adorning their heads. In the ring, Mantaro begins to make short work of Tel Tel Boy, by moving to his side and kicking him in the back of the knee joint, thus causing Tel Tel Boy to collapse to the mat. This is done with so much ease, that the question arises why Tel Tel Boy isn't making more of a challenge. The answer is that Tel Tel Boy has no peripheral vision, because his eye placement will only let him see what is directly in front of him. And thus, he is totally blind from the sides and back. Mantaro preps Tel Tel Boy for a Kinniku buster, and this is where the competition really begins. Using his skin contact with Mantaro, Tel Tel Boy is able to download Mantaro's greatest fears, and use his hypnosis attack to make Mantaro imagine that he is reliving them. He begins with Ramen Man. By making Mantaro believe that he is now Ramen Man, Tel Tel Boy easily slaps Mantaro around for a while, but Mantaro closes his ears out of cowardice and somehow breaks Tel Tel Boy's hypnosis hold. He then begins to pound Tel Tel Boy again. Hoisting him upon his shoulders in attempt to break him apart, Tel Tel Boy again uses the hypnosis attack to make Mantaro flashback to a time when he was a toddler and was roughed up by a Doberman. Thinking that Tel Tel Boy is that same Doberman from the past, Mantaro is frozen with fear. Once again the momentum changes and Tel Tel Boy hands over more punishment to Mantaro. Eventually Tel Tel Boy's spell is broken and Mantaro gets him into the Kinniku driver move. Sensing his own demise, Tel Tel Boy morphs into Buffaloman (in Mantaro's imagination, that is) and starts another round of pain for Mantaro. This time it looks hopeless, but Tel Tel Boy releases Mantaro and tell him that his worst fear is yet to come. As he dial up the most feared person in Mantaro's history, there is wild speculation on who it will be. This airing thus ends, to be resumed in episode 7.

My guess is that Tel Tel Boy is calling up Bibinba, Mantaro's mom. We'll see next week though.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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