Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 31

Air date: 09/14/2002


Scar Face is asking Mantaro if he should go easy on him, but decides to finish him off. He launches for the Swallowtail attack. While in mid-air, the Skull of Mystery that Mantaro wears begins to glow and we hear Jade urging Mantaro to get up. Scar Face lands his move, but to his surprise, Mantaro dodged the move and is standing to the side, leaving Scar Face stuck in the mat by his Swallowtail blades. Mantaro is still in a zombie type state, and Scar Face is shocked at his resilience. Mantaro raises his arms and gives a animal like roar. Meat encourages him to attack now, while Scar Face is still stunned, but Mantaro doesn't hear him. He is confident that Mantaro will win, but Kevin Mask and Brocken Jr. are very doubtful. Then Brocken explains that even Jade wasn't strong enough to defeat Scar Face, but that with the Skull of Mystery that he loaned to Mantaro, after Jades defeat, he should be able to defeat Scar Face. This is because the Skull is linked to Jade, and with the Skull, it is as if Mantaro and Jade have merged their powers. He explains that it was Jades energy that helped Mantaro escape the Swallowtail attack. Mantaro, now conscious, realizes that this must be true, because he is feeling strange and can hear Jade encouraging him. Mantaro whines for a bit, and then wants a snack. He does the cow song, but this time, it's a duet with Meat singing his own versions of the second and last lines. Scar Face is irked and attacks with another Swallowtail.

With his Swallowtail Attack, he slashes at Mantaro's chest and knock him into the ropes, tangling him up in them. Scar Face launches for another Swallowtail Attack, but the Skull starts to glow, and Jade advises Mantaro, who grabs the skull in his hand, breaks free of the ropes, and lays out Scar Face with the Red Rain of Berlin (Red Rain of Pain) just before he lands the Swallowtail. Mantaro then launches into a lengthy rant about Scar Faces deception, and how the integrity of the Seigi Chojins (Muscle League) will help him to prevail. Scar Face isn't impressed, and locks down the Mask of Madness. Mantaro cowers, but the Skull again glows and Jade encourages him to stand his ground and fight!

Jade wants Mantaro to use another of his moves, but Mantaro decides to try the Red Rain of Berlin again, which doesn't work this time. When he hits Scar Face's gut, his hand reflects off and he punches himself instead. He tries for a leg drop, and the same thing happens. Mantaro tackles Scar Face by the mid section, taking him to the canvas, but Scar Face pulls a thigh squeeze, and with Mantaro locked in, he begins a devastating flurry of punches to Mantaro's face. After a few minutes, he knocks the Skull of Mystery loose, and it falls out of the ring. Meat tries to get it, but before he can, it rolls off the edge of one of the fingers of the Hand of Hercules. He continues to beat on Mantaro, until Mantaro lands a vicious head but to the forehead of Scar Face. Now loose, he tries a full leg ankle twist on Scar Face, but Scar Face isn't fazed and kicks Mantaro off easily, sending him head first into the corner post. Mantaro crawls over to Meat for advice, and Meat, Kevin and Brocken Jr. tells him he needs to come up with some new moves, or he will lose, as Scar Face knows all the moves and reversals for every Hercules Factory technique. Mantaro is perplexed, how is he going to come up with new moves so quickly. He has always gotten by with his father's moves, most notably, the Kinniku-Buster. Scar Face begins to wonder how weak the other DMP guy really were, since they were all beaten by a weakling Mantaro. He charges Mantaro.

Scar Face kicks, but Mantaro dodges, grabbing his waist and suplexing him out of the ring. Before he lands though, Scar Face uses the Swallowtail Shovel to scoop a divot out of the rock and then kicks it at Mantaro. Mantaro is slammed by the boulder and falls to the canvas. Outside, Kevin Mask blames himself for Scar Face's success. He wishes he would have taken his fate, instead of allowing Scar Face to save him. Scar Face brings up Harabote's folly by allowing him into the Hercules Factory in the first place. Meat tells Kevin that all he did was tell him ho to defeat the Kinniku-Buster, but if it wasn't Scar Face, someone else would have figured it out, because of it's inherent weakness. He tells him that he really did Mantaro a favor by making him rely less on the Kinniku-Buster. Scar Face grabs Mantaro and from the top rope, suplexes him out of the ring, mashing the back of his neck against the outside edge of the mat. Brocken berates Mantaro for being a sissy, and says he cannot win, because he is stuck in his father's shadow and afraid to step out on his own. Meat still has his confidence though. He explains that Mantaro will find a way to win, as always. Scar Face tosses Mantaro up and launches for an Ultimate Scar Buster. Once locked in he begins his descent. Before he lands, Mantaro manages to squeeze out and does massive damage to the back of Scar Face (the US cartoon states it was a massive wedgie?). Scar Face is in extreme pain, as they both hit the canvas. Mantaro is proud of himself, he created a new move and a counter for the Ultimate Scar Buster. He remembers his dad telling him to be really great he needs his own moves, but Mantaro is still puzzled at what he can come up with next.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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