Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 47

Air date: 09/14/2002


From the lake, two large lighting arrays rise up, illuminating the night match. Nakano San (Doc Nakano) lifts his toupee, blinding everyone with the reflection off his head. In the ring it is Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik) squaring off against Messieurs Cheeks, a.k.a. "butt-face". They engage in some mild banter while Nakano San talks about Gazelleman never having won an actual match. Mantaro busts out laughing because Cheeks is a butt, literally, and the rest of the crew realize this as well. Cheeks tells Gazelleman to watch out for his head butt and Sieuchin's little sister asks her mom how Cheeks sits on the toilet. Everyone busts out laughing at Cheeks being made the "butt" of their jokes. Gazelleman rushes Cheeks and attempts a sweeping kick, but Cheeks dodges and releases a gas attack.

Enveloped in a cloud of farts, Gazelleman chokes. The stench reaches all the way to the outcropping where everyone else is at, and they all reel from the stench. Sieuchin's sister tells her mom that she remembers her doing that, and her mom makes a comment and let's one rip, blowing away everyone nearby. In the ring Gazelleman asks Cheeks about his pooper scooper (a sandbox, pail and shovel is shown) while the butt-faced fighter grabs him at the waist. Cheeks launches up with Gazelleman and lands him in a nasty pile driver. Gazelleman crumbles to the ground in a heap. Mantaro chimes in with an idea and powers up. Checkmate wonders if it is the power of Ultimate Muscle, but Mantaro lets one fly and they realize it is only the power of ultimate odor. Just then Meat rips through the screen to apologize to those viewers who might be eating and just lost their appetite. In the ring, Cheeks is un-affected by the stench. Cheeks goes into a tirade about being discriminated because of his looks ever since he was a child. He then confronts Gazelleman about never winning a match, and is happy that his mind tricks are working on him. As Gazelleman cowers, Sieuchin tries to encourage him from outside the ropes. Mantaro then breaks into his cow song. Meat berates him for dumping on Gazelleman while everyone else shouts their encouragement to their team mate. Mr. French goes into a lesson on Cheeks' mind games which will no doubt cloud Gazelleman's judgment, costing him the match. Gazelleman rushes Cheeks, antler claw at the ready, but Cheeks morphs his hands into an extra set of feet and flips out of the way, coming down to land all four feet squarely on the face of Gazelleman. Gazelleman collapses as Sieuchin calls for the tag.

Gazelleman rises to attempt a tag, but changes his mind mid sentence. Cheeks praises him for his bravery (stupidity) and jumps on him, pinning him in a Tibetan scissor lock. Legs err arms, and face to face, err butt, Cheeks has Gazelleman pinned down by the neck. Cheeks let's out a gas attack, right in the face of Gazelleman who is inundated with the stench. Dorothy (Sieuchin's sister) asks her mom if Gazelleman is going to lose to the butt, and her mom scolds her about her language. She threatens her with a spanking, which gives Mantaro another idea. Mantaro calls out to Gazelleman and then proceeds to moon him, slapping his own butt. Gazelleman gets the hint and turns, smacking Cheeks in the face, err butt, causing Cheeks to scurry off in fear. Cheeks is huddled in the corner, petrified. Gazelleman taunts Cheeks, who flees in terror, but Gazelleman catches up to him, mounting him and giving him the spanking of his life.

Crawling around the ring at high speeds, Gazelleman rides him right into the corner post, sending them both flying. Luckily Gazelleman flies into Sieuchin's corner, so he can tag out, but they miss on the first tag attempt. Coming up short, Sieuchin extends his leg and foot for the tag, but Gazelleman is repulsed, so he re-extends his hand, making the tag. With Sieuchin in the ring and ready to rumble, Dorothy and his mom start a cheerleader routine. While doing their dance, Sieuchin's mom floats another air biscuit to the chagrin of the crowd behind her, who all collapse quickly. In the ring, Cheeks is till smarting from the spanking and the collision with the corner post. Morphing his second set of feet back to hands, he rubs his face, err butt. Mr. French calls out for the tag, but as he turns to go, Sieuchin ricochets off the ropes and sends Cheeks crashing to the canvas. Cheeks, sensing that Sieuchin is too strong to defeat by wrestling, utilizes the same psychological tactics that he used on Gazelleman. He berates Sieuchin for having a worse record than Gazelleman and says he is worse than him. This doesn't phase Sieuchin, as he mentions that from each of his losses, Mantaro gained knowledge that allowed him to defeat the same opponents in the next go round. Cheeks is baffled. He launches a gas attack (called an "air croissant" in the US version) but Sieuchin dodges, coming up behind Cheeks and grabbing his midsection for a reverse suplex. Cheeks morphs his hands to feet and lands them solidly, avoiding the hit. Face to face, err butt again, Cheeks launches a gas cannon at Sieuchin, sending him over the edge of the ring and into the water far below. Everyone is worried about Sieuchin getting back in time, before he is counted out, but Mantaro reminds them that he IS a walrus. Breaking the surface on his way back up, Sieuchin is greeted by a green ooze coming down from the platform, that was released when French opened a panel on the corner post and pushed the red button. The ooze quickly coats and bogs down Sieuchin. Supposedly, the ooze is very viscous frog spit, saved up by Mr. French himself. Fighting a losing battle, Sieuchin begins to sink to the depths below, as everyone watches in horror.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 2

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