Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 20

Air date: 09/14/2002


Brocken Jr. makes his way to the bottom of the tunnel, where it opens to the field, and Jade sees him, immediately bring on the shame of knowing that he broke his promise to only use the Red Rain of Baron when absolutely necessary. He stands dejected. Brocken is mobbed in the tunnel by reporters who recognize him, and he quickly turns to escape. Meat wonders what connection Brocken and Jade have. Meanwhile, back to the remaining match at hand, we see Sieuchin pounding furiously on Crione Man. He puts him into a twist hold, but Crione morphs out and puts Sieuchin into a hold of his own, which Nakano San relates to being wound up in saltwater taffy. Sieuchin quickly breaks free, but Crione Man hovers above the mat. Sieuchin jumps at him with a kick, but is deflected by Crione, as he morphs his arm into an ice shield. He kicks again, only to have the sole of his foot sliced by Crione Man's arm, which has been transformed into a saber. Sieuchin falls to the mat, and Crione Man belly flops him, engulfing him inside himself. Sieuchin is trapped inside of Crione Man's body, as if in a giant water balloon.

Sieuchin can't get out, no matter how many blows he throws. Crione on the other hand, begins to viciously pummel Sieuchin inside of him. Sieuchin's mother, who has been sitting in the audience with his sister, gets upset and tosses a large fish at Crione. It lands like an arrow, stuck in his chest.

Mantaro urges Sieuchin to wake up and escape from the hole that has been created by the seafood projectile. Sieuchin awakens, sees the fish and pushes out. Crione lands in pain on the canvas, with a gaping hole in his chest. As Sieuchin eats the fish for energy, Crione charges him from behind, but again, Sieuchin sends him into the canvas with a nasty pile driver. Crione Man again hovers in the air, but this time turns himself into a giant magnifying glass. He taunts Sieuchin about being lax and says he will roast him. Hearing this, Sieuchin's mother becomes irate with Sieuchin for his behavior and tells Crione to punish him. Crione focuses the sun's rays and shoots a glowing orb of what looks like static electricity (it's not, it's sunlight) at Sieuchin.

Sieuchin dodges the bolt, which hits the post and causes it to erupt in flames. His mother yells out to take his punishment like a good boy, but back on the riverbank, a few people begin to stick up for him. They tell stories of how Sieuchin gave of himself to help them out. One is a popular Japanese boy band, who tell how he saved them from some street thugs. The other is a little old lady, who he helped across a busy intersection. Sieuchin's mom is again proud of her son. The boy band runs down closer to the ring to sing a song to encourage Sieuchin, but Crione decides to launch a burst of sun at them. Sieuchin takes the brunt of it with his foot and lands sharply on the canvas. Crione then creates a ring of fire around Sieuchin on the canvas. As Sieuchin arises, he can see no way out, but Crione taunts him showing him the one exit, which consequently is right where Crione is standing. Sieuchin follows and is grasped by Crione's rib cage and pulled back into his body. This time he is bound inside and there seems to be no escape.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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