Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 25

Air date: 09/14/2002


This one starts out with Mantaro and Crione Man facing off in the ring. They charge each other and Mantaro goes low and puts him in a menacing bear hug. Crione Man screams in agony, and then, as if it were an act, he slips out and jumps into the air for a Jelly Body Attack. He opens up his body and falls to engulf Mantaro, but he is repelled and Mantaro uses the opportunity to reverse suplex him on to the top of his head. It is explained that Mantaro has an adversity to water (especially baths) so he is not easily absorbed into Crione's body, but is instead immune to the attack. He stays put and applies more pressure to Crione Man's neck and head. After a few minutes, Crione slips away again and Mantaro puts him into a Scorpion Lock (similar to Terry's Clover Hold) and wrenches pain into the back of Crione Man. Crione does a few pushups to gain leverage and pushes off Mantaro towards the ropes. He launches a nasty drop kick to the small of Mantaro's back and Mantaro heads over the top rope.

Mantaro lands outside of the ring with his foot caught on the top rope, just inches from the water. Meat tells him not to get wet, because if he does, then Crione will be able to suck him into his body. Irked at the save, Crione begins to cut away the ropes with his hand which he morphs into a blade of ice. Mantaro tries to escape, and mutters that Sieuchin better give him a sign if he wants him to keep fighting. Suddenly, Mantaro freezes as he sees Rinko and her friends shedding their outer garments to reveal their swimsuits. Mantaro takes this as a sign, as the girls mutter that they just had a strange notion, like a voice in the back of their head, telling them to get into their suits. Nakano San (in his 2 piece bikini) says the voice was similar to that of a walrus. With all the distractions, Crione Man knocks Mantaro into the ocean. Mantaro is splashing around and Crione Man lassoes him back into the ring. Mantaro is covered in crustaceans and star fish, and Crione begins to lick him. Mantaro reaches out to hit Crione, but his hand gets stuck inside Crione Man's torso. He tries to pull his hand free, and uses his leg for leverage against the pull, but it gets sucked in also. Before you know it, he is completely immersed in Crione's body.

While Mantaro is in the fetal position inside Crione Man's bloated body, Jade and Brocken Man Jr. discuss his chances for victory. Brocken has confidence that Mantaro can't be to far removed from his father. As he usually does in a tight spot, Mantaro pisses himself, and Crione, disgusted at the filth, expels him into orbit. After landing with a tremendous crash, he gets up and Crione Man charges him. When he reaches him, Mantaro puts Crione Man in a headlock, launches into the air and slams Crione's head into the top of the ring post (Stone Cold Steiner), as Crione did to Sieuchin with the XYZ Crash. He drops the limp body of Crione Man into the sea and begins his victory dance. After a while, Crione hasn't resurfaced and Mantaro lays down to peer over the edge of the ring and something bursts through the center of the mat and hovers above. We see the shadow of a rather large squid!

Crione Man has morphed himself into a giant squid and spears Mantaro in the gut with the pointed top of his squid head. Back to Crione form, he morphs into his magnifying glass mode. As Mantaro clutches his gut, Crione send a blast of sunlight that causes Mantaro to erupt with flames. He jumps into the ocean again to douse the fire. Crione sends another burst at Mantaro, and Mantaro is seen sinking to the bottom of the ocean. In his dire predicament, he tries to think happy thought to encourage himself, but he is interrupted by a group of small octopi who immerse him in ink. A minute later, Mantaro burst out of the ocean, with octopi attached. He jumps toward Crione and the octopi spray ink all over the lens of his magnifying glass. AS he lands, there is banter about Mantaro being smart and realizing that an ink covered lens can't focus light at him, but he explains he thought if Crione got dirty, he would give up and go home. Regardless, the move worked, and Mantaro, vowing revenge for his defeated friends, sends a strong kick to the lens, cracking it.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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