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Episode No: 3

Air date:


Chapter 1:
"Space Monsters Attack!"

A view from outer space reveals a bunch of colored lights approaching Earth. A close up, narrated by Nakano san, reveals that the colored lights are monsters, ready to destroy the world. On Earth, by a radio transmitter, stands Nakano wearing a military uniform. He discusses his previous career at the TV station, as an editor and then his career as a wrestling announcer. Now, the world needs him to be a soldier... (E.G.)
In his enthusiasm about the upcoming episode, Nakano loses his balance on the roof and falls into a trash can, conviently located outside the office of the Japanese Earth Defense Force.
A young officer informs his superior that evil alien monsters are approaching Earth, and there isn't much time before their arrival. Demanding that the young man contact all available superheroes, the general is chagrined to learn that the Ultraman family is on vacation at a hot springs, Superman is a party, and Spiderman fell off a building and broke his back. Debating on the best way to handle the situation, the two EDF men engage in a wrestling match, Nakano in civvies announcing.
Finally, the older man is successful and wins the match!
Back in space, it is obvious the evil monsters are rapidly approaching.
Down on Earth, the General is standing on his desk, celebrating his victory. Nakano, back in his military uniform asks the General what they are going to do now? (E.G.)
The general and the young officer start to wrestle again, until Nakano yells at them.
Upset, the young officer imagines the distaster that will occur. Cities will be in ruins, families will be torn apart...What can they do?
Suddenly, the general gets an idea!
The next thing we see is the Kin residence...
Kin is busy stuffing his face, while Meat is ironing Kin's trunks.
Suddenly, Nakano appears at the door. Offering Kin a beef bowl from the store, Nakano is startled when Kin snatches it from his hands and sings the Beef Bowl song.
Back to the view from space, the evil monsters get closer...
In the general's office, on Earth, Nakano introduces Meat and Kin, who has brought the beef bowl and indeed, the whole table/futon set up from home.
The general is excited saying, "Finally a Hero" (E.G),, which naturally causes Kin to look around for a hero.
The general explains the situation, saying that they need Kin. Kin's attitude is first that they are kidding, then thoughtful. He asks where the other heroes are and the general thinks that if only the other heroes were around.... (E.G)
But they aren't and he has to be careful not to offend Kin. Kin gets supicious and lashes out. The general lies to Kin about why they aren't available, and Kin buys it.
Shown images of the evil chojin (one of whom is a Barney the Dinosaur-cute girl monster), Kin announces that he can defeat the evil creatures, much to the young officer's astonishment, To be honest, everyone knows that Kin is being a blowhard, but they are stuck with him. Meat is more supportive though. The general and Kin wrestle, to the young officer's dismay.
Nakano shows more images of the monsters approaching.
Kin shows off his powers and attacks to the EDF who are not entirely impressed. Nakano reveals that Kinkotsusman is behind the monsters approaching.
The EDF has Kin practice for the upcoming battle and think that maybe he is finally ready. He returns to the office after pulling around tires and roasting his back over an open flame. Covered with bruises and bandages, he is greated with cheers. A baseball metaphor vignette occurs, with him as a player and the general as a coach, they both are crying in mutual joy. Back to the approaching monsters, they have broken through the atmosphere. On Earth, Kin is giving a press conference. He is looking good, until he runs out of energy and requires a quick infusion of garlic. Eating the garlic, he grows taller than the office building the conference is located in. The press cheers him on, and he is happy, giving the O.K. sign.
Meanwhile, the monsters are approaching Japan. It's nearly high noon. While some people are appreciative of Kin, many are fleeing the city, in an image of people hanging onto boats, planes and trains.
12:07, and still no sign of the monsters. Kin brightens up and thinks that they didn't come because they were frightened of him. The general isn't so sure. Finally, the young office runs up to the general and tells him the awful truth.
The monsters thought that Kin wasn't worth the effort and decided to go home! The episode ends with both the general and Kin collapsing in shock.

Brief Recap - Evil monsters from outer space are ready to attack Earth.
Earth's heroes are on vacation, leaving the planet defenseless. However, the Earth Defense Force has the audacity to think that maybe even a loser hero like Kin may be able to save the world and recruit him. This turns out to be a good idea in a way, because the monsters think he so is totally not worth the effort, they go back home.

*Kinkotsuman never does make an appearence here. However, the cute Barney-like little girl monster shown to Kin via video will appear in another episode. *Nakano returns to the civilian life after this episode.
*Kin actually gets some cheers from the press.

Chapter 2
"Kinnikuman's Great Hustle"

Outside the shack where they live, Kin and Meat are performing their morning excercises. Or rather, Kin is jumping around like a fool, while Meat is yawning his head off and falling asleep. Kin gets pissed off and smacks Meat awake. Meat yells back at Kin, saying that Kin's partying at the shack with the Guydon and Wrestling Fan Club is keeping him from getting some much needed rest.
We see a flashback to one of the parties in question, including a lovely image of a naked Kin doing the fan dance on the shack's table while the Club is happily boozing away. Panning away to the corner, Meat is huddled against the fridge. (I'm debating if his face is showing deep disgust or if he's just trying to sleep...)
Back to the present, Meat points out his nasty raccoon eyes. Meat doesn't know how Kin can stand staying up all night and being so engergetic during the day, but damnit, he needs some sleep!
Something else that Meat says angers Kin and in a vignette, Kin is dressed in a kimono and wig, as a female. The setting is a traditional Japanese house. He is spanking Meat, saying how naughty the boy is. Meat is squirming and gets tossed out of the house. He returns with a pair of boxing gloves and trunks and lands one on Kin's jaw. Kin is knocked away, losing his wig. Kin returns with a pair of gloves and the two start sparring. Kin knocks Meat out of the house again, but Meat returns with a large mallet.
Chasing Kin out into the back yard, Meat and Kin run around like lunatics.
Meat totally destroys the bathrooms (interrupting a grandma while she's on the pot), while trying to pound on Kin.
Finally, Meat stops and tosses the mallet into the park's trash bin. He is profusely blushing. Kin approaches Meat and, tired, sits on the park bench next to the trash can.
A rumbling noise grows louder and then stops. It is a moterbike, and its rider is a pretty girl. She is wearing a red polo shirt, a khaki skirt and pumps. A brunette with large brown eyes, Nikaidou Mari has made her first appearance.
She says hi to Meat and gets a reply from him. He is shy and fidgety. Kin looks at her, looks at Meat, and then looks at her again. Blushing momentarily, he pushes Meat aside and introduces himself to Mari. Mari is taken aback by his boldness (and let's face it, a big bald guy wearing a pair of red trunks and shoes is a startling sight...)
Mari recovers quickly and tells Meat that he is welcome at the orphange where she works. Kin is smitten with her and gets himself invited, too.
As fanservice, when Mari gets back on her motorbike, her skirt flares up, revealing her pink panties. Both boys have their eyes bugging out, but Meat recovers first and quickly shields Kin's eyes from the pleasant sight.
Mari calls out to them and they wave good-bye to her.
When she is gone, they resume fighting, only now, it's about Mari and how Meat hadn't told Kin about meeting her.
Later in the day, Kin has gotten dressed in one of his upholstery remmenant suits. He is all excited about seeing Mari again. Meat isn't so happy. He's carrying a bundle of toys, including a stern looking robot.
At the orphange, Mari is leading the kids in song. At the sight of Kin, the kids, led by a chibi Nakano, run to him. He thinks they are fans, but as he soon discovers, they are little hellions who attack him. The kids stomp him until Mari yells at them. The kids are mean at his ugly appearance and jeer at him (It really upsets him. I'm getting a been-teased-unmercifully-before vibe here, especially since you see him having a vision of children's heads swirling around him, laughing at him). They stop suddenly, and all we hear is Meat jeering. Meat suddenly realizes that he's the only one doing so, and does a quick exit stage right in embarassment.
Kin is pissed off at Meat and rushes the little tyke. Meat runs to Mari for protection. Meantime, she's laughing at the two.
Later, the three of them are inside the nurse's office. Mari is tending to the massive lumps on Kin's head, while Meat is over in the corner, scowling. Suddenly, the room starts shaking. A cute little girl runs in, announcing that a monster is attacking.
We see a large purple flat headed monster burst out of the ground, grabbing two of the little boys.
Kinkotsuman himself appears in the sky, with his theme music and signature dance. He is praising his monster, and then disappears to leave Kin to fight the monster, if he can...
Kin, now back in fighting gear, is ready to fight the monster. He is about to eat some garlic, but realizes that his bumps are going to hurt even worse if he grows big. Mari and the little girl cry out to Kin. Since the two little boys are in danger, he goes ahead and eats the garlic. Super-sized, he is indeed in a lot of pain, but he tries to rescue the boys anyway. Using his Kinniku Kick, he knocks down the monster and grabs the boys, but he falls and lands on his face. He keeps on moving forward, smashing up a bus, a boulder, a train, a plane, and finally smacks up against another boulder. By this time, his head is in worse shape.
Mari, the little girl and Meat applaud him for saving the two little boys. However, the two brats (one is the chibi Nakano) are not happy about being saved. Ungrateful, they insult Kin and run back to the monster, who uses them as a shield.
Kin tries to entice them back, but fails. The monster entertains dreams of becoming famous, while Kin loses his powers and shrinks.
Meat decides to take matters into his own hands. Using some candy, he lures the brats away from the monster. Then using super strength of his own, he attacks and defeats the monster.
Mari thanks Meat by giving him a kiss. Kin wants a kiss from her too, but is disappointed. Instead, the cute little girl decides to reward him herself, and gives him a lil' smack on the cheek.
Everybody laughs at him, while he makes an unhappy face.

Brief Recap - The episode opens with Meat ragging on Kin about partying too much. As they argue, Mari makes her first appearance in the series. Meat and Kin are invited to see her and the kids at the orphange where she works. While there, Kin gets verbal and physical abuse from the little hellions. Finally, a monster shows up, but because two of the brats prefer it to Kin, he is unable to rescue them. Meat comes to the rescue, saving the two boys and defeating the monster.

*Mari-san, of course, is Kin's first girlfriend. As far as I can tell, she has always believed in him and has been a big fan. Out of the whole group, I find her character to be the most normal, a little boring even. However, when everyone else is acting like a raving lunatic, a little normalacy is a welcome change...

*Last episode, Kin was finally getting some good press. However, this episode drops him back squarely in Loserville again, with the lil hellions hating on him. Chibi Nakano shows up again, but Kin manages to avoid killing the brat.

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