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Episode No: 2

Air date:


Chapter 1:
"The Target is Nessie"

We are seeing the opening credits to a spooky TV show (E.G. probably a parody of "In Search Of") that Kin and Meat are watching. Doc, wearing an afro wig, is interviewing Yosaku about a scary experience he had. The cook is terrified, but relates how he was in the water and he encountered a horrible monster!
Meat explains to Kin that the monster is probably the Loch Ness Monster (On vacation from Scotland, I see. Probably for a family reunion with Godzilla.) Kin goes into showboat mode and decides to go after the creature.
But they need publicity. (That or the producer of the TV show is looking for a hero to defeat the monster for ratings&)
Kin goes to the TV studio to meet the producer of the TV show. First, he encounters some fan girls in the corridors. They berate him, but he autographs this one girls head with the Kin symbol&on her forehead. She is incredibly disgusted and dismayed. She and the other girls flee from any more of his advances. He is happy thinking that they loved him.
In the meantime, the producer and the camera guy are in the producers office, wrestling each other. In self defense, the camera guy pulls out a script with Kin whaling on the water monster (in crayon drawings, no less). The producer hates the concept, of course and verbally abuses the camera guy.
Suddenly, a giant monster storms to the TV studio and scares the producer. Kin grows large and takes on the monster. Hes all confident that hes going to put on a good show&until he steps on a car like it was a roller skate and he gets all clumsy. He lands in a subway station and ruins a train. The producer and camera guy are disgusted by this, but Kin grabs them and tells them to wait, he will get it right.
He then goes after the monster, but gets scared and runs away. The monster burns him, and he lands by a water fountain, where one of those pissing boy statues& well, you can guess what it does.
The monster is enraged, but Kin gets up and using the Kinniku Flash, he defeats the monster. This makes the producer very happy.
Meat isnt so happy, because he was operating the imitation monster that was pretending to be dangerous, and he got bruised up a little.
Next, we are by the water. Doc Nakano is introducing the show and Kinnikuman. Kin is all big again and in showboat mode.
Yosaku gets all pissed that Kin has taken the spotlight and he yells at Doc. Then he gets naked and does the first fan dance of the show in front of the camera. Then Doc yells at the cook and chases him around.
Meanwhile, Kin is waiting for the monster to show up. He is dreaming of the glory hell get when he defeats the creature, especially about the girls mobbing him!
Meat thinks that Kin is being silly.
Suddenly the monster appears. It is incredibly huge, bigger than even giant Kin. Kin passes out from fright. The monster licks his face. Even as Kin struggles to escape, the monster plays with Kin like a trained seal. Kin tries to get away, but Meat tosses him some garlic, and Kin goes back to fight the monster. Unfortunately, the monster swallows him in one gulp. We see Kin get digested.
The crew of the show mourn Kin, and hold a funeral procession for him, carrying a picture of him covered in a black ribbon. As they sadly pass by the creature, a loud gurgle can be heard&The monster is having some gastotromic distress.
It leaves the scene, verrrryyy quietly& And we then see Kin crawling out from under it. He is not a happy camper. Meat runs up to him and hugs the big guy in relief. Then he grimaces, holds his nose and starts rolling around. Kin asks why, and Meat replies that Kin smells like shit (E.G. literally, since I could make out the word Cacca. I could have misinterpreted, since I obviously dont understand Japanese, but Im guessing that Cacca is Cacca, is Cacca. Occasionally, they do use English words on the show. ). Kin is stunned, and then realizes that Meat is right. He blushes and starts to laugh. At this point, one can guess how Kin escaped the monster.
Later, at the studio, Kin and Meat give the producer a present. The producer yells at them anyway. Kin goes up to him and licks the mans face and grins. The producer gets outraged and to end the show, he tosses them bodily out of the office.

Brief recap  Kin and Meat hear about a monster and decide to take it on to win some brownie points. They have to convince the producer of a spooky TV show to film them doing this, so stage a mock fight. Once Kin is face to face with the monster, he loses and gets eaten. Obviously, he doesnt get the brownie points, but he does give the monster a bad belly ache.

*The cook, Mr. Yosaku, does a fan dance for the first time in the series. I dont know the point of it, but he does this&a lot. And not with the really big feathered fans, either. Im talking about the little paper hand fans that are about the size of a dinner plate that barely covers the essentials. Since he is bare naked, except for his spotted bandana on his head, we are also treated to the vision of a naked butt every time he turns around during the dance.
Several times in the season, Kin will do it too, as well as Kinkotsuman, in addition to Kinkotsumans normal little dance.

Chapter 2:
"Save Planet Kinniku!"

A pretty young girl is running in the park. Not to say shes a jogger, shes just running! As a little doggie watches, shes running, stopping and grimacing, then running again. Her destination? The bathroom behind the Kin residence!
While Kin and Meat are talking and eating, the sounds of the toilet in use can be overheard, to Meats embarrassment and Kins amusement.
But at least the young lady has finally found some relief!
Back to Meat and Kin, Meat reminisces about their home world. He thinks about the horrible injustices committed by King Tone, champion wrestler, boxer and judo master. Meat gets so angry, he shreds the futon, even biting it. Kin seems embarrassed by Meats ferocity.
A vignette of Meat as the little match-stick girl occurs. We then see that Tone has defeated Kins father in the wrestling and taking the throne. King Daious posters are tossed in the trash, and King Tones images are placed everywhere. The people are oppressed by him and threatened by gangs of pigs.
Meat talks plaintively of Planet Kinnikus plight. The scene then moves to the castle on Planet Kinniku. Kins Mama (I still havent figured out her name&), Daiou, and some blonde chick who looks like Alice in Wonderland are sitting on the palace floor, looking pathetic.
Mama tells Daiou to rest up and try fighting Tone later. Daiou says something stupid, and she blows up at him, saying how other wrestlers are able to fight well into their 50s (even holding up a picture of the guy). Then she slaps him and does a German Supplex. (E.G. It pretty much sounds like shes saying something along the lines of Champion, my ass!
Daiou is embarrassed and shows off a muscle the size of a peanut, to Mamas dismay.
Everyone starts crying, even Kin back home& but thats because he ran out of food!
Meat is begging Kin to go to Planet Kinniku and defeat King Tone, but Kin doesnt want to. He goes to a place where he can be alone to think&the mens room. Meat knocks at the door and keeps on bugging Kin.
Finally he gets an idea on how to get Kin to agree.
They depart Earth on a flying saucer shaped like a beef bowl. On Planet Kinniku, Meat reveals his secret weapon&girls! He has promised that Kin would be mobbed by girls who would love him for defeating King Tone.
Indeed, a mob of girls approach the newly arrived heroes, but its not Kin they are going for!
That adorable little guy, Meat, is the object of their affection, to Kins anger. Even as Meat points out that Kins a prince, the girls laugh and get hysterical at the sight of him.
Then Daiou runs out and hugs Kin. Daiou and Mama use Kins real name for the first time in the cartoon. Apparently, he was named Suguru after a famous baseball player.
Kin says something silly and Daiou yells at him. Kin yells back. They get into a yelling match until the blonde chick interrupts.
Daiou offers Kin a beef bowl, and Kin makes a solemn reply. Then we see Kin with a baseball bat. Hes ready to take on Tone!
The next scene, Tone is in the ring, and Doc and some one shot character are about to do the announcing. Kin makes his appearance, dressed like& something vaguely American Indian, but with a punk rock color scheme of acid green, orange, and pink. Certainly an eye-opening costume!
Mama and Daiou are proud of him, even though he trips. He gets no respect from the crowd or the ring-girl.
Before the bout begins, a famous singer (E.G. from the size, Im guessing Rosemary Clooney or from the hair, Beverly Sills) does the Beef Bowl song as the national anthem (at least, it has the tune&).
And the fight begins. Unfortunately, Meat forgot to bring the garlic with them!! Kin realizes that without the garlic, he is pretty much powerless. Even so, Kin bravely fights on, even bragging about winning, but he gets his ass handed to him in every bout. Each event (judo, boxing, and wrestling) starts with the arousing battle theme music, but the tune stops abruptly when Kin loses. Finally, the little robot referee counts Kin out, and Tone wins!
But a figure from the pigs past appears. The pig, on the run for years, has been found by the chef that was originally going to make dinner out of the plump porker. The crazed-looking chef chases off the pig.
Tone, in his fear, has dropped the championship belt. King Daiou slyly picks it up and declares himself once more to be the King! The people are again happy.
The royal parents were happy to have finally found their son, Suguru, but decide to adopt the famous baseball player, Shiguru, live with them on Planet Kinniku, instead of Kin.
As Kin and Meat return home, the spaceship wobbles from the impacts of Kin beating up a stuffed dummy Suguru. Kin is pissed off, but Meat is more sanguine. One day, the Prince will return&

Brief recap  Meat finally persuades Kin to return home, where his father has been dethroned by a pig. Kin meets his family for the first time in his adult life. He also goes up against the pig, but loses because he has no garlic to power up with. However, his father regains the throne when the pig runs away, threatened by a cook. Since he was a disappointment in the ring, Daiou and Mama send Kin and Meat back to Earth and decide to adopt a famous (and handsome) baseball player instead

*We finally find out Kins real name, Suguru. King Daious real name is Miyume. From this episode on, there will be plenty of baseball references and images, usually of Kin as a player and Daiou as the coach.
*This episode also sets the tone for the relationship of Daiou and Mama. Obviously, they care for each other, but they are also prone to fighting. Mama is the one usually doing the physical abuse in their relationship (and she really knows how to bust the old mans chops), though they both yell at each other. They also both care for Kin, though in this episode, they are more embarrassed at his idiotic behavior and weakness in the ring. Later on, they will be among his biggest boosters.
*I have no clue who the blonde chick is in this episode. Normally, Kin would be all over her like white on rice, but he doesnt even acknowledge her. Shes just a cute face. Maybe shes Mamas maid or something? At any rate, we never see her again.
*I was able to use the translated manga to get a better idea about what was going on. To be honest, watching the cartoon, I thought Mama was yelling at Daiou that she could have married someone else, and that was the picture of the guy she had&heh. Also, the manga says that Meat actually just promised Kin a beef bowl to go to planet Kinniku.
Even if his family and Meat werent proud of Kin after his fight with Tone, I am. The guy still tried, even though he didnt have the garlic he needed to power up. Give him points for that.

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