Remember these guys? Of course, we all do. They were M.U.S.C.L.E.'s. Millions of unusual small creatures lurking everywhere. They were awesome, outrageous and totally cool! But did you know that they were spawned from a very popular Japanese toyline called Kinnikuman? Yes Kinnikuman was such a hit in Japan, that Bandai, decided to give it a go here in the States and released them via Mattel. The only problem was that they imported the toys only, and none of the storyline. So if you've ever sat back and wondered what the deal was with these little guys, well you've found the right site.

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Calling all RObin mask Fans, Found Robin's mask


HI there,






I saw this on eBay, and sadly the Price tags Are VERY steep,  and the second one is preowned.


This may seem odd to Post But I just wanted to let every Robin mask fan know.  I understand  the feeling as being very passionate about Finding a Kinniku perfect Kinniku mask ( i'm working on the mark 5 now)  


anywho hope this helped.


God bless.

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Where to buy/price


I see pictures of new kinkeshi on Instagram all the time,and I know there's people who collect. Is there someplace I should be going online to buy the new ones as they come out? Are they semi affordable? I feel like eBay is a minefield of over charging and bootlegs.

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What Are These?


I ordered some Kinnikuman stuff from a Japanese seller and the seller included these two packets as free gifts. Does anyone know what they are? They're made of paper and stapled shut. It feels like there are Kinkeshi inside. Are these like the blind bags that are popular today? These packets look vintage. I'm hesitant to open them. Any info about what these are would be greatly appreciated!

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Robinmask’s mask...


Excuse me if the answer is simple, or explained in the story (I’ve only managed to watch about 6 episodes of the kinnikuman anime and none of the manga) but what is the significance of the damage on Robinmask’s mask? The gouge onthe forehead section?

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subtitled Kinnikuman episodes


I found a site that has the first 50 episodes of the original Kinnikuman animated series with English subtitles, but it's missing episode 13. Does anyone have that one? Also, any idea where to find episodes 51 and on?

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The Choujin Daizenshu CDs


Does anybody have a download link or a torrent for them? I've searched far and wide on the web, and all the links I did find were either broken or deleted. If a kind soul would be willing to (re-)upload them, I'd be in their debt.

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Asia Toy Hunting Musings May 2018


Asia Toy Hunting Musings May 20


My luggage has long been packed and I start my 30 day journey to Asia once again (as an American living in Germany it still amazes me that Germans have between 28-34 days vacation a year! in the U.S. a sabbatical is a big deal for example but at most lasts about 30 days).


As I toy hunt (more importantly for Kinkeshi) I will make posts and also give the 411 on the toy stores. I wish I knew back then what I know now as I have since discovered more vintage toy spots.


My first stop is Hong Kong....






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Showcase #68: Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Premium Set Vol. 5


Showcase #68: Kinnikuman Kinkeshi Premium Set Vol. 5



Like the Black/Noir Premium Set, I was sweating not getting this in time before I left on vacation but luckily it arrived today! One day before I leave!


This is by far the best release to date! A lot of new sculpts and I would say right now would be the best time to purchase the set.


I bought my set from Mandarake for 5,680 yen shipped (circa $52) and it didn't come with the mailer.


As of writing they have a set on sale for 5,000 yen (circa $46) + shipping but even if it sells out keep searching the site regularly (they always end up putting up more for sale).


Pictures do not do these justice! Besides 4 sculpts all the other 11 are awesome (in my opinion).


These like other Premium sets have 15 Kinkeshi and this makes 75 Kinkeshi total for the Premium Sets (not counting the Gashapon releases, Mori Museum exclusives, Black/Noir Set and a new clear Premium Set).


So many new releases!...my wallet is feeling it but I have to support the product! That way we get more Kinkeshi!


1.jpg 2.jpg

3.jpg 5.jpg

4.jpg 6.jpg











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Showcase #67: Black/Noir Kinnikuman Premium "The Best" Kinkeshi Set


Showcase #67: Kinnikuman Premium "The Best" Kinkeshi Set


This was covered by Crunkenstein here: http://www.littlerubberguys.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=266630


I was sweating not getting this in time before I left on vacation but luckily they arrived today!


These have been promoted and anticipated for quite some time (starting last year) and I would say right now would be the best time to purchase the set.


I bought my set from Mandarake for 5,500 yen shipped (circa $50) because it was considered "open" (it didn't come with the mailer).


As of writing they have a set on sale for 5,000 yen (circa $46) + shipping but even if it sells out keep searching the site regularly (they always end up putting up more for sale).


Stay away from ebay, the amount this set sells for along with the other previous volumes of Premium sets is insane & overpriced!


These look way better in person as the box kinda hides the shape and look of the figures (the box and presentation looks awesome all in black though).


They are more "silverish" and really remind me of the Exogini/Cosmix sculpts for some reason.


These like other Premium sets have 15 Kinkeshi and is a mixture of "The Best" or popular sculpts from Vol 1 & Vol 2.


I showcased Premium Vol 1 & Vol 2 sets here: http://www.littlerubberguys.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=254909&hl



1.jpg 2.jpg

3.jpg 4.jpg

5.jpg 6.jpg





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Premium Best Devils Fighters




These are great.  They're an awesome charcoal color, black but not pitch black, some maybe a bit metallic looking.


You got the original Seven Devil Chojins:

Buffaloman, Springman, Atlantis, SteCase King, Black Hole, Mister Khamen, The Mountain.

The Six Devil Knights:

Ashuraman, Sunshine, The Ninja, Sneagator, Planetman, Junkman

and regular Akuma Shogun and a Goldman version of him.


All in a unifying color if you wanted to play the boardgame with them.


When it comes to the original Seven Devils, there really is a shortage of original sculpts.   There wasn't even a MUSCLE available of SteCase King and now The Mountain is finally a huge imposing hulk that doesn't look like he's scared saying "OH NO!"   Also the new Buffaloman looks better than I thought it would.   His hair is just a little too big.   The new Junkman is great.   It would be cooler if he had the additional chest spikes, but unfortunately he's missing the second face on the back of his head.


This was the next cheapest premium volume to get on ebay after Vol.3 (which shares five of the same sculpts).   But as soon as I bought the last one at that price a whole bunch of more expensive ones went up.   There is a 20% off coupon for ebay ending after 4/30 though.

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